Must-Have Features and Cost Estimation of Real Estate App Development

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November 13, 2020

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Our generation of today highly depends on mobile apps for almost anything. Whether it’s online shopping, booking flights, ordering groceries, mobile recharges, or more, there is an app for every service. The Real Estate industry is not an exception! Yes, with real estate mobile apps, finding your dream house or office space is no longer a time-taking process.

Potential homebuyers can browse the house options available in the desired location under the set budget and get all the information instantly through the app. If you are wondering how much to make a real estate app would cost, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will learn about the importance of the real estate app and the factors affecting the development cost of building one.

mobile app development cost
mobile app development cost


Top Features That Impact the Cost to Develop Real Estate App

Whether your real estate business is a startup or an enterprise-level, budget is one thing that matters to all businesses, and getting a brief idea on the real estate app development cost can be helpful to execute the goals more effectively. It is best if you build the real estate app with basic features in the beginning and add other advanced features in the later phase. Though it is difficult to get the exact development cost of the real estate app, we can check out some of the factors that can help you decide the cost of the app.

Here are some of the factors that will help you decide the cost of real estate software development-

  1. User Registration

Your app should come with features that can grab users’ attention and simplify the process of home buying or selling. Whether it’s the authorization via phone number/ email or social media account, you can choose the desired one that will enable users to sign up and access your app. You can consider all the options for registration as it will provide convenience and make the registration process easy. However, if you are short of the budget, add one suitable signup process and build the app considering your target audience.

  1. Different Users Support

As the Real Estate industry deals with multiple types of users such as agents, sellers, buyers, etc., your app must enable all the users to create their accounts and perform various activities on the app. The options and features available for an agent may vary from the ones that are registered as interested home buyers. On the other hand, buyers will have to option to search properties based on the desired location, shortlisting their preferred listings, get in touch with agents, raise queries, etc. There are many features of the app that are commonly accessible to all user profiles.

  1. Property Listings

Another must-have feature of a real estate mobile app is property listing where all the available properties are listed with information like budget, location, images, etc. Users who wish to sell or rent their houses or new properties should be able to add, edit, and manage their listing easily. As there can be several properties in one location, your real estate app will need a robust database with a huge capacity that is scalable enough to store data as users increase. Ensuring that both the database and servers are good enough to aid these operations is necessary for a successful app. Security is also the main concern for users using your app.

  1. Easy Filter Option

The main motive of the app lies in the easy search of the property, which is why search and filter options for your app should be easy. This feature enables users to search and find the desired one among thousands of listed properties using advanced filters such as type of property, cost, location, etc. Simplifying the property hunt process is the priority as users nowadays have no time due to their hectic life schedules.

  1. Photos/Videos

Every user who is looking for their dream home or property should be able to get information about the property anytime through the app. Whether it’s photos, descriptions, locality, price information, 3D tours, videos, or value proposition, any information they need should be easily accessible. This feature of 3D support images or videos is essential as 80% of the users decide to buy the home based on the videos or photos posted on the app. Not just that, the potential users must be able to contact the property agent or owner instantly.

  1. Locations & Maps

Another must-have feature that users love is the integration of maps in the app through which one can check out the properties and display the statistics and data related to the property. Through this, users can check out the locality, neighborhood facilities, nearby schools/ colleges, crime rate, etc. Having GPS location support will make it easy for users to come and visit the location through maps anytime they want to close the deal.

  1. Smart Push Notifications

Smartphones are your users’ best friends and push notifications via the app is one of the most engaging things to promote services or gain their attention towards your app. Whether it’s about the new property added recently or the fall in the price of the shortlisted property, you can rely on notifications to reach out to your potential home buyers. Optimize the benefit of push notifications to share relevant messages or deals to the users.

  1. Cost Calculator

One of the most important factors during property purchase or sale is the pricing. Providing a cost calculator in the app will enable users to get an idea of the average property cost. Additionally, it can also give options for loans or EMI helping users plan the budget before the purchase. The cost calculator feature in the app will help them calculate information like taxes, loan repayment EMIs, loan interest amount, or anything related to the cost of the property.

Ensure that you consider all the aspects discussed above for building a high-quality real estate app for your business. As competition is high in the business world, you should consider the latest features and decide as per your budget. If you still have any queries about the real estate app development cost of your app, make use of our easy and smart app cost calculator to help you get an estimated cost in few minutes just by answering some questions.


How Much Does It Cost to Build a Real Estate App?

Well, the answer to how much to make a real estate app costs is difficult as it hugely depends on its complexity and size. Many factors affect the cost such as development hours involved, the number of developers required, etc.

The cost of building renowned apps like Zillow can cost around $83,000 to $100,000. However, if you are planning to build an app with basic features, you can build starting from $10,000 to $25,000. For adding advanced features to your real estate app, the cost may go up to $35,000 or more.

If your company is looking for an exceptional real estate app with extra functionalities, the software development cost of a real estate app may range from $50,000 to $1,00,000. The development cost relies on all the features or functionalities you want to include in the app.

The above figures are based on the average estimated cost of the real estate apps and it may vary from one location to another. Ensure that you understand the requirements of the real estate business thoroughly to build the app of your choice and budget that fits your pocket. Any additional updates or features in the app will automatically add up the development cost.

Top Benefits of having Real Estate Mobile Apps

Moving to the next part, we will discuss the benefits your business will get through the real estate app. With more than 70% of smartphone users across the world that rely on mobile apps for their day-to-day tasks, the mobile app for Real Estate is also necessary.

The app will not only improve customer engagement but also enable agents to sell properties faster and smarter without any lengthy paperwork.  Here are some of the top benefits of building a real estate mobile app-

  • Quicker Property Search

Building a customized mobile app for your real estate business will simplify the process of property search to a huge extent making it convenient for the users. They can check out every detail about the property like location, price, and even virtually visit the place ensuring a higher customer experience.

  • Easy Accessibility

If you have a user-friendly & reliable real estate app, it is more likely that your prospects and customers get quick access to any information and browse all the property listings available at the desired location within a few taps only. This will help you keep in touch with customers anytime and provide business with 24/7 visibility to your customers.

  • Act as a Marketing Channel

Your real estate app can help in marketing your Real Estate business for more sales in multiple ways without adding any additional cost or effort. Your customers can get notified about the deals on properties via push notifications, chats, messages, etc. making them stay connected with the latest updates or offers.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

For any queries a customer might face while using your mobile app, they can make use of chat functionality in the mobile app enabling them to contact agents/ sellers directly through chat. Any new addition of property listings can be notified to the users helping your brand build a healthy customer relationship.

  • Loan Calculator Support

One of the best features that mobile apps offer to your customers is the support of a loan calculator. This gives them an idea to customers on how to analyze their borrowing capacity & calculate mortgage repayments accordingly & help them in evaluating their financial condition & plan better before making a purchase.

Why should you have a mobile app for your Real Estate Business?


The real estate market is digitizing everyday wherein homebuyers are not required to hop from one agent to another for finding a suitable property. One can smoothly checkout several homes and properties right through their smartphones. As per National Association of Realtors report, here are the following facts-

  • More than 44% of people searched for properties online first and the numbers will keep on increasing year by year.
  • Around 81% of older millennials, 80% of the younger millennials and 78% of generation X homebuyers found their properties through mobile applications.
  • More than 90% of baby boomers (ages between 53 to 71) believe in virtual house tours as the most imperative feature of a real estate mobile application.

Most of the homebuyers today are looking for properties only through internet, and the numbers will keep on increasing day by day.

Wrapping Up

As our lives are becoming hectic, everyone wants easy and quick access to any information or services that would save time and effort, which is why the mobile app is essential. Undoubtedly, real estate apps are the best way to reach global customers & enhance your brand awareness targeting more customer base.

Ensure that you consider the aspects discussed above before building the app for your real estate business that will help to fulfill evolving customer demands.  It is always advisable that you know your business requirements thoroughly as it will impact the cost of building an app.

As a leading real estate app development company, we have expert developers that can help you figure out the estimated development cost and get the best solution at a minimal price.

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