What Makes Python the Best Language for Your Upcoming Project in 2021?

November 7, 2020

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Living in the world of technology, many developers are trying to learn a new programming language that is evolving every year. Choosing the right programming language is essential for the successful development of web or app solutions. As there are many programming languages available in the market today, it can be a tough choice to choose one and understand their future scope in the coming years. Whether you are a business owner or a developer, we must know how to choose the best language for an upcoming project or to upgrade skills.

It is important to keep ourselves updated about the mobile app industry and the revenue of this industry. The research by Statista states that worldwide mobile app revenues exceed over 365 billion US dollars and it is expected to generate modern 935 billion US dollars by the year 2023. Talking about the latest programming language that can help you boost your business success, Python is preferred by most of the developers as it comes with popular frameworks. Before you choose the experts of the leading Web Development Company San Jose, we will be talking about Python and why it is a great programming language for your next project in 2021.

More About Python Language

Known as an easy-to-use object-oriented programming language, Python is loved by many developers for its large scale web development services using frameworks such as Django, Flask, etc. This language comes with a wide range of features and simple syntax coding that helps developers to work quickly and more effectively. There are many robust apps of Python that cover technical advances like Machine Learning, Network Servers, Web & Desktop development, Data Science, GUI, etc. Python is an open-source language having a huge & professional community that works deliberately to improve the technology constantly.

Some of the big brands that use Python are as follows-

A world-class social networking platform that runs using the Django web framework, built entirely in Python.

The music streaming app uses Python language for data analysis & back end services as the brand likes how fast the development pipeline is while writing & coding in Python.

Similar to Spotify, Netflix relies on Python for its data analysis on the server-side. Python is used primarily in the Central Alert Gateway and monkey apps to track security changes & history.

Another social networking giant is Facebook where the production engineers are using Python enabling 4 million daily active users to photograph, edit, and share their memories in their digital albums.

Top Benefits of Choosing Python For Your App

Undoubtedly, Python is used for a wide range of projects from simple ones to complex types covering multiple industry verticals such as travel, healthcare, transportation, finance, and others for web development services. With its simplicity and elegance, Python has gained the attention of many big brands and has offered several benefits.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose Python for your web development-

Simple & Easy to Learn

One of the best things about the Python language is the simplicity of the syntax and code readability. The language ensures that any programmer with low coding skills can learn without any prior language and join the programming community faster. Similar to the English language that we use in everyday life, Python is quite easy to read and takes lesser effort than any other programming language like C++. Python is an object-oriented language but it can easily adapt all the features of functional programming.

Better Visualizations

Using different plots and charts, data can be represented in a format that can be easily understood and it is considered an efficient way to visually present and comprehend data. Web development companies prefer to use Python libraries such as Matplotlib to visualize data and create clear & easily understandable reports. As the Python language is easy to read, developers find it much easier to understand code written by other programmers, which makes the communication between the developers working together on the same project very smooth & efficient.

More Functionality With Lower Code

If we compare Python with other languages in terms of simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, or convenience, it is always the most preferred choice among most of the developers. With the ability to perform a wide range of functions, Python is one language, that comes with fewer codes. It means lesser development time will be taken while building web apps using Python. A Python web app developer with basic knowledge of the language can easily build a full-fledged project in less than 2 days.

Open Source with a large community

Another great thing about Python language is that it is not just free to download but you have a huge number of expert developers in the Python community that can guide when you face any issues. Any developer with lesser skills can learn & start coding in just a few minutes taking the help of the vibrant community who are always active to help. The community has some of the most talented  minds who contribute regularly to update the language & share ideas on it support forums

Support for Asynchronous Coding

As there are no deadlocks, research contention & confusing issues, Python language takes lesser effort to write and maintain asynchronous code. One of the advantages of using Python for your web development app is that each unit of the code runs separately, independent of one another, enabling developers to handle various situations faster and more effectively.

Cost-Saving Language

The development cost for programming plays the main role for every business especially if you are a startup with a very low budget. Many organizations don’t have enough money to spend on the development of their projects and try to look for a cost-effective solution. There can be no other better choice than Python as this language is the best-preferred option for those companies that are on a budget and who want to build their projects quickly at an affordable price.

Best for Prototypes

Considered as one of the most rapidly developing languages, Python is also known for quick prototyping & iterations, making it much easier and faster for developers to complete the task. As the python language requires lesser codes, several prototypes can be built to test the app ideas and validate them on time for faster development. This approach takes lesser time to build any development projects but reduces the development cost tremendously.

Multiple Programming Approach

Unlike other programming languages, Python supports multiple programming approaches including object-oriented, procedural, and functional programming styles. This is an advantage for enterprises, startups & other organizations that may need to change the approach anytime. The best advantage of using OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) is that if there is some error in a part of code, other parts are not affected.

Several Well-Known Frameworks

Python has a wide range of frameworks that plays the main role to simplify the web development process. It has famous frameworks like Django that is best for fully-fledged web apps & mid-range scalable projects, Pyramid that help businesses to start small and scale when required. All these frameworks have modules and packages that are useful in their functions that can be used by developers to build application-specific software. While developers keep the focus on functional elements of the web/app, these frameworks are used by startups to take care of backend functionality.

IoT Support

One of the trending technologies that is supported by Python language is IoT (Internet of Things) that offers several benefits and opportunities to the developers while building web apps. There are many platforms such as Raspberry Pi, which is based on Python language connecting multiple projects to the real world. Many customized radios, games, phones, etc. can be created using these platforms and the entire development process is much cheaper than any other language.
If you are still a business without a digital presence, it’s time to act now and adopt digital transformation as early as possible. Whether you are looking for a complex website or backend for Android/iOS mobile apps, Python is the right choice for you.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after going through the benefits and opportunities that we can avail by choosing Python as a programming language for your web apps, many of you must aware of what makes this language so popular. Whether it’s a simple or complex project across various industry domains like healthcare, travel, finance, transportation, etc., developers love working with Python as it is equipped with a simple syntax, asynchronous coding, multiple frameworks, and many more. If you think Python is worth considering for your next web development project, get in touch with our expert developers and embrace the immense benefits & take your business to new heights.  Being a reliable Top python development company, we have a decade long experience to deliver intuitive python-based apps that can help you launch your product faster in the market with lesser lines of code.