How Open-Source Development is the Right Choice for Everything Tech

April 3, 2021

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It’s the time we should realize the power of Open-Source software, especially for modern developers today! It is quite a powerful and unique tool wherein open-source code is written by developers to be used for developers. Open-source has evolved over the years, currently playing a crucial role in the tech industry.

Why are we emphasizing open-source is because it represents a specific approach of creating computer programs which include some awesome values such as smooth collaboration, extreme transparency, and community-oriented development. Have numerous doubts popped in? Let’s dive to basics and find out more about open-source development, how it came into existence, and most importantly why is it a must for the technology industry.

Understanding Open-Source

Open Source is a term that emerged in the late ’90s and has been experiencing major changes since then. It basically refers to something that can be inspected, modified, or shared by anyone as its design is accessible publicly. Open Source was originated in the context of software development for designating a specific approach to creating computer programs. Talking about what’s source code, it is a part of the software that isn’t even realized by most computer users. It’s the code that computer programmers can manipulate for changing the workflow of software, a program, or an application. The programmers having access to a computer program’s source code can easily improve the program by adding features into it or fixing the particular parts that don’t work appropriately.

What’s different with Open Source?

While most of us still think that open source is just like any other type of software, let’s clarify the misconception. Most of the software has source code that can only be modified by a person, team, or the organization who have either created it or have control over it. These kinds of software are called Proprietary Software or Closed Source software. Here, only original authors are authenticated to make changes and have rights to legally copy, inspect and alter the particular software. Also, for using proprietary software, the user must agree on the terms and conditions of making any sort of alterations in the software (mostly through signing a license), for example, Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. Now talking about open-source software, the authors of this software make the source code available to others who wish o view, copy, learn, alter or share it. Though the license agreement for this software differs drastically from proprietary software as it does allow modifications in the program making it possible for everyone to share it along.

Is developing open-source software worth it?

People might choose open source over other software options, the major reasons backing up the statement includes the following-

  • Having Control

Open source is the first choice of many users due to its ability to provide control in the user’s hand. One can examine the code, ensure the right functioning as required, and finally be able to make alterations if something isn’t on the right track. Another great benefit is that all users, no matter if they are programmers or not can also benefit from open-source software as they can easily make use of it for any given purpose they require.

  • Provides Training

People also prefer open source because it facilitates them to have training in better programming capabilities. As open-source code is publicly accessible, one can conveniently study it, learn through it and finally have an option to share their work, invite comment and have better training altogether. Once a learner finds mistakes in his work, he can further rectify and share them with others providing them an option to avoid such issues in the future.

  • It’s Secure

Another major reason for choosing open source is security and stability. As anyone can checkout or alter an open-source software, it is easier to spot errors and make changes accordingly, even if the original authors aren’t available at the moment or might have missed the errors. So, it’s a win-win as multiple authors can work on a single software, collaborate on rectification and make instant alterations, that too relatively quicker than proprietary software.

  • Excellent Stability

While considering long-term projects, open-source can be the first choice. Why? Because the programmers publicly distribute the source code, the ones who are relying on that software for critical tasks can be satisfied that their tool won’t disappear anywhere or won’t be disposed of even if the original authors stop working on the same. Moreover, open-source software incorporates and operates as per the open standards.

  • Community Recognition

Well, recognition in the community is not just limited to open source but the software does inspire a community of users and developers. While working on open-source projects, users can get recognition from the developer community in numerous ways including creating a great GitHub profile and participating in various events. Collectively, it’s a great option as one can be recognized in the community quite well!

How’s Open Source Currently Impacting the Tech Industry?

77% of IT leaders plan to ramp up their use of open source over the next 12 months. In an interview with the 950, IT leaders around the globe for Red Hat’s new 2020 State of Enterprise Open-Source Reports, the leaders said that open source was important, while 75% of them claimed it as extremely important. Discussing what is fueling the growth of enterprise open source, makes it harder to lock in users. It provides more value than other closed source software options and to no surprise, everyone is interested in saving some money.

Open source came in popularity with the explosion of cloud, big data, and analytics technologies. As the software is constantly evolving matches correctly with the need for faster, more flexible, and better

security systems and platforms. It has benefitted the tech industry by leading to greater efficiency and innovation among the developers. It allows the developers to benefit through accelerated innovation, quicker development processes, and having a possibility of more successful troubleshooting.

Summarizing the same, open-source is revolutionizing tech through providing a smooth way for collaboration and innovation. In absence of open-source software, companies would be spending heaps of time reinventing the wheel rather than innovating the same. For instance, if you wish to build a house, you will have on option to select the foundation but it would be hard to find options for customizations and details such as a custom bed, better interiors, etc. So, using open source software, you would probably have options to customize and detail stuff rather than just work on the initial structure.

Some Popular and Operational Open-Source Projects

  • GitLab makes use of Gitter, it’s a chat platform having a robust security solution.
  • IFTTT uses Applets, which is created and integrated with numerous other services through open-source software.
  • ING (Banking Company(uses Apache Flink for powering its fraud detection system.
  • Alibaba uses Flink for updating its search ranking models.
  • Couchbase was found from open-source projects and is currently having its own identity with constant growth and popularity.

Wrapping Up

Open-source is undoubtedly an amazing software bringing better possibilities and impactful solutions for the future. in the upcoming times, there’s a lot in store for open-source as it has the power to increase privacy as well as transparency, there can be lesser data breaches, more trust among the users, and broad impact along with continues development of the software-driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Find out the right open-source CMS development company for your upcoming project to stay in the competition! In case you’re looking for web development solutions, look out for web development company California for better options to deliver sustainable solutions for your business.