I Want to Build an App. Where do I Start From?

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April 2, 2021

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According to recent statistics, 2.87 million apps are available for download in app stores. 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day. 49% of people open an app more than eleven times each day. But…

Ever wondered what drives someone to use (or not use) a mobile app?
Or which app types are used the most?
Or how much people are willing to spend on mobile apps?

Jumping a mobile app bandwagon without an ulterior motive will lead you nowhere. To build a successful app, you need a robust strategy. In this blog, we’ve highlighted some concrete steps that you can follow to turn your dream into reality efficaciously.

1. Do Your Market Research

You’ve brainstormed a mobile app idea – you may even know which features you can include in your app. Now what?

First, it’s significant to explore the market to see if your mobile app idea is viable or not. Mobile app development is a tricky business. It’s a bad idea to make decisions based on gut feelings. If you want your app to thrive for years to come, you can focus on the pointers mentioned below while doing your market research.

Identify Target Audience’s Problems

The logical step is to know how your app will resolve users’ needs. Find out the pain points. How? Ask them if your idea provides a reliable solution or will they buy your product when released in the market. Besides gaining deep insights, it allows you to establish a bond with customers even before your launch.

For this, social media empowers you to connect with your audience seamlessly. You can freely voice out your thoughts and receive feedback, positive or negative. It is an effective way rather than relying on secondary sources of information.

Do Competitor Analysis

Another preliminary step entails analyzing your competition. It is crucial to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to bring the best in your application. How it is done? Start looking at the number of downloads, check their functionality, figure out what they’re missing and their price. It can also help you figure out your unique selling proposition (USP) of the mobile application. You can take the help of free/paid online tools available in the market.

Create Value Proposition

To create an efficient value proposition, you should have a solid understanding of your audience’s problems. Once you’ve accomplished that step, now you can outline the advantages that your app gives to address those issues. It will help in making your mobile application stand out in the competition and give the reasons why users should download the app after an app launch.

Build a Powerful Business Model

Will the freemium model works for your business? Most of the time, the freemium model works the best for apps because after using the app people will like to invest money. Besides freemium, you can opt for in-app purchases, paid apps, or ad-centric models. You can consult experienced mobile app developers to know which is the best business model for your app.

2. Use App Cost Calculator to Estimate Your Idea

An app cost calculator is an online tool that enables you to find out app development costs. It also helps you understand the difference between mobile app development and web app development.

Every functionality comes with a cost of development. With the tool, you can select the features you need, and it automatically calculates the price to develop an app.

– It allows you to determine how much it will cost to build your app idea
– It gives you a complete structure of what you like to have in your application

The average cost of developing a mobile app ranges from $5000 to $50000. Besides features, the price is dependent on several factors, including project scope, complexity, UI/UX design, location of the outsourcing company, and much more. The tool cannot go through all the details; it only gives a rough estimate based on the price perspective.

3. Hire a Top-Notch Development Team

The most complicated task is to find the best iOS or Android app development company that can assist you in the development process. Here is a checklist that will help you hire the best mobile app development team.

Portfolios & Reviews

When shortlisting mobile app development companies, it is essential to check their portfolio. It will give you an idea about their skillset, capabilities, and advantages of a team. Moreover, you can check the testimonials from their existing clients to have a crystal-clear understanding of the level of the team’s expertise.

Overall Team’s Desire to Innovate

Passionate app developers have the potential to recommend unique solutions and special features that help your application stand out from the alternatives in the crowded market. With years of experience, their suggestions can help you grab user’s attention seamlessly, leads to an increase in sales.

Grip on Latest Technologies & Trends

Technologies are fast evolving. The app development company you choose must keep abreast of them. Following an innovative approach will allow you to build a versatile app that runs flawlessly on every device and operating system.

4. Build an MVP

Do you know what do successful apps like Spotify, Instagram, or Uber, have in common? They all have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The goal of MVP development is to accelerate time-to-market while minimizing development costs. The benefits of developing an MVP are:

– To win stakeholders and secure funding for the project
– Test the business concepts that same development time and budget
– Verify market demand for better customer acquisition

5. Develop an App Basis MVP Experience

Once the MVP is launched, it’s time to optimize the app basis on the customer’s feedback. The app development process includes the following steps:

– UI/UX Designing
– App Development
– Testing
– Deployment in App Stores
– Maintenance & Support

Continuous improvement is the key to achieve the desired ROI from your application. Usually, entrepreneurs skip maintenance and support step. However, it is one of the most crucial ways to reduce app abandonment rates. Constantly working on the app bug fixes, you can win the hearts of millions of users. It makes your app from just viable to lovable in the future.


Like any other tasks, when you break an app-building process into actionable steps, it seems less daunting. To turn your idea into a great mobile app experience, you need to ensure that your app lives up to Google’s standards and exceeds client’s expectations.

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