How to Make an App that Elevates Business Growth

April 13, 2018

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Businesses have heard, a mobile app is a key to onboard more customers to your business. And that’s right! According to a survey by mobiforge, 68% of the digital time is now spent on mobile devices in the US.

Instead of relying on your customers to find you online, earn their presence on a consumer’s device. In the competitive era, if you want to be successful, your app must offer something that your customers find useful enough to download it.

Creating a top-rated app is not a piece of cake, however, implementing a few marketing tactics can make your goal much more achievable. Here are a few characteristics of a quality app that improves the chances of experiencing long-term growth.

1. Your App Should Be Unique

If you want to stay a step ahead in the competition, your app must focus on customer’s needs. By pinpointing a prevalent issue and solving it better than others reduces the chance for an app to get abandoned. For instance, if your app is cheaper, intuitive, or easy-to-use than competing apps, you are more likely to win hearts.

For an app to go viral, your app must answer positively for the following questions:

  • Is your app giving convenience to your customers?
  • Is it easy to share it with friends or family?
  • Do sharing offer rewards and incentives?
  • Will the app keep your customers engaged for a long time?

With this approach, you can grab a lot of opportunities to increase your consumer base. As the audience grows, you get more value out of your app.

2. Make it Effortless

Turning your innovative concept into a business-driven app is a challenging task. However, during the development phase, Mobile App Developers California ensure that they build surprisingly easy apps to cater masses. Using the right tools and embracing the latest technologies, they make sure that your app doesn’t look outdated or does not lack the must-have functionalities that every consumer needs.

Here are few features that you must incorporate to add convenience in your app:

  • Offer one-click sign-up or sign-in
  • Smart profile customization features
  • Sharing on social media with a few finger taps

One significant advantage of developing an app for Android over iOS framework is that it lets you share anything with any other app thus increases the viral potential of your app.

3. App Design: Almost as Important as the App Itself

“Design is not how it looks like and feel like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs
Now when you know how to convince customers to download your app, it’s time to ensure that they remain your active users. It means your app design should be intuitive and simple so that customers can easily embed it in their everyday lives. The whole point of spending time during the design process is to anticipate customers problems and come up with the best workable solutions. Satisfied customers always come back, especially when they love interrelating with your product.

A properly designed app abides by several factors:

  • Simplicity
  • Strategic Use of Colors
  • Organized Interface
  • Communicate Effectively

The design is a crucial stage of the development process as it decides how the aesthetic feel of the product can differentiate it from other apps.

4. A Well-Defined Marketing Strategy

Don’t wait for the launch, precede it with a successful marketing strategy during its testing phase. Once it’s in the play store, you can ask your friends and family to use the app and leave reviews. Add a unique mobile offering that no other app offers thus guarantees a strong user base. Also, posting on social media platforms with a call to action button is a smart idea to grab more eyeballs on your product.

Focusing on these fundamentals, you will be able to develop more intuitive and engaging app for your customers. It ultimately improves user experience and customer retention rate thus helps you experience commendable app profits. Every reliable Android App Development Company knows going viral is not an afterthought today, so focusing on core functionalities and features improve the chances of gaining visibility.


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