Why Augmented Reality is a Key Technology for Ecommerce Growth?

April 4, 2018

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The future of retail industry, especially Ecommerce, lies in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Online shopping has been a hotbed for retail innovation and continues to be the most prominent channel to provide convenience to buy anytime and anywhere. To make online shopping a consistent revenue channel for brands, retailers are transforming the way products will be bought in future with augmented reality.

Augmented reality in Ecommerce creates meaningful shopping experiences by letting consumers take more informed buying decisions. It provides a direct or indirect view of the computer generated scanned images to customers to ease their buying process.

“77% of shoppers want to use AR to see product differences in size, color or style.”

The primary concern of online shoppers is the fear of buying the wrong item. To overcome this anticipated obstacle, AR plays a significant role to serve customers in a better way. Even according to a report by retail perceptions, “40% would be willing to pay more for a product if they could experience it through augmented reality”.

Ecommerce is a booming industry, users have uncountable options when it comes down to their shopping experiences. Marketers are continuously tapping into fresh markets to resolve problems like abandoned carts and increase demand. Are you going an extra mile to reach up to your customers’ expectations?

Here are few more reasons why we think AR will be a key technology to boost Ecommerce industry in terms of sales and profits.

1. Showcase Your Product Like Never Before

AR lets your customers interact with your product and gives you the real feel. For instance, if you are buying furniture for your house online. With AR Ecommerce mobile apps, you can virtually place the furniture in your place and check how it looks like in your home. Isn’t that amazing? Adoption of AR will increase the conversion rate and decrease the return rate to minimal.

2. Visualize Products and Its Features

Interacting with the product and its features, not only makes them happy but also strengthens their buying decisions before heading out to the checkout. It is an exciting field with continuous innovation on the horizon, focusing on solving on today’s retailer problems.

The experienced Augmented Reality App Developers create most realistic and interactive AR apps that cover digital data over on the actual world objects. They embed AR SDK into your existing Ecommerce and m-commerce platforms for smart product visualization.

3. Engaging Buying Experience

“The most arduous task is grabbing shopper’s attention. In the era, we live in a world where thousands of options are available to receive information. The consumer controls from who they want to receive information and how.” – Jeff Papows, CEO Shop advisor

Customer engagement and customer retention are significant terms for all retailers and it is a challenging task. However, technological innovations are making this possible. Augmented reality Ecommerce platforms lead users to spend longer browsing online, testing functionality and interacting with products through AR.

AR solutions are transforming Ecommerce industry by not only offering relevant information but also by providing “try before you buy” feature. Every reliable Ecommerce Web Development Company focuses on delivering impeccable Ecommerce AR apps that will likely increase online store conversation rates.

So, ready to integrate AR into your Ecommerce platform?


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