Increasing Trend of Agile Development for Mobile Apps

February 1, 2017

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In this world of the digital era, we are becoming highly dependent on our smartphones for every single task whether it is for shopping, ordering food, hiring a cab, etc. The mobile apps serve as a medium through which we can carry out these daily tasks giving us ease and instant service. The presence of mobile apps has increased the value of our phones more than ever making it an integral part of our life. However, it is necessary that the apps are updated with latest development trends and tools to fulfill the evolving needs of the users. For the success of the apps, several companies are following the agile principles of software development.

At Clavax, we believe that Agile methodology of app development helps in focusing on customer involvement, flexible planning, better evaluation as well as risk management. Therefore, it helps in completing the mobile app development projects efficiently as well as effectively. Since the development procedure depends on the specific needs of apps for each client, we communicate regularly with the clients to get the final result as expected & required.

Understanding Agile Methodology

Agile Development is the approach that enables the project to move ahead quickly & easily welcoming the change & using it as an advantage. It divides the task into several phases of work that involves frequent assessment and adaptation of plans. The Agile approach helps in simplifying the mobile app development process as it ensures that resultant mobile apps are adaptable after release. Since the priorities keep on changing, usage of agile method proves to be beneficial, as compared to traditional waterfall model.

Need of Agile Approach in Mobile App Development

With the evolution of a wide range of mobile devices and different operating systems, developing a universally effective app is becoming harder day by day. It is necessary that the companies use rapid mobile app development tools and framework in the market to deliver faster solutions that will look upon consumer’s needs. The mobile apps need to be frequently revised to meet end-user requirements & to support updates. Some of the common challenges faced while developing mobile apps are short development cycles, limited hardware and most importantly, frequent change in user demands. The answer to all these problems is the agile development method that makes use of continuous feedback loop to stay in touch with clients.

How does Agile development work?

This methodology is based on iterative as well as incremental development approaches that boost productivity and adaptability throughout the project life cycle.

Here are the phases of agile methodology:

  • Initiation of Project

The team will thoroughly understand the client’s requirements, analyze the needs of the project and calculate the estimates as per the priorities of tasks.

  • Use of development Tools

While using Agile approach, keeping track on all the stages of the project is necessary and we use JIRA management tool for this purpose. Other development tools are Bitbucket and Bamboo.

  • Agile development Strategy

To analyze and implement the changes to the initial project stage, using inputs from customers is necessary to ensure the delivery of best results. This phase includes sprint planning, sprint backlog and sprint release.

  • Workflow of Task

After the development of the project, QA team go for intensive tests to minimize the overall risks and allow sprints to easily adapt to the changes. Then, tested modules are moved to staging servers for better functional tests.

  • Deployment of Project

After going through all the above phases, the feature-rich resultant solution is then deployed that is well-suited as per the client’s requirements.

Well, the main motive of agile development approach is to deliver better customer value by improving the product again and again until both the management team and customers are fully satisfied with the resultant product.

Who should use Agile Approach?

The use of agile methodology has been effective for most of the organizations across the world helping them to deliver better mobile apps as compared to those that are not using. However, the question may arise whether the agile approach is good for every mobile app development firms. Agile is mainly used to implement and adapt to every change associated with the client’s needs. In this method, decisions are made quickly and the team has no time to analyze every consequence. That is why it is more appropriate for those organizations that has unstable domains where we can expect changes like mobile apps or web applications. At Clavax, we make use of latest Agile methodologies for the development of mobile as well as web apps to make sure that our clients get the best they deserve. Get in touch with us to transform your innovative ideas into reality.


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