Is Mobile Apps Necessary for the Growth of Real Estate Business?

January 5, 2017

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The growth in the internet usage rate over the years has been astonishing and has impacted every area of life in several countries. Digital Technology has completely reshaped several industries including the real estate sector. Gone are the days when people have to search and visit among thousands of properties to buy your dream home. The emergence of the online real estate business website has brought positive changes for both home buyers as well as the sellers. The generation of today has entered mobile- era and people are becoming more dependent on mobile apps. Similarly, in the field of Real Estate business, it has become necessary to have mobile apps to attract new customers and grab the benefits of deals offered to loyal customers.

Emergence of Real-Estate Business Sector

As per the research conducted in July 2015 by the largest trade association in the US i.e. National Association of the Realtors, some of the statistics associated with the real-estate business was revealed:

  • More than 80% home buyers prefer to buy their residential property only through an agent or broker in the year 2015, among which around 70% preferred to search real-estate agents using the mobile app.

  • It has been recorded that in the previous year, brokers and real estate agents spent around $500 and $2000 on business technology.

  • The top electronic gadgets that realtors are interested in buying are digital camera, iPad and smartphone.

Benefits of Real-Estate Mobile Apps

If you are confused whether to invest in a website or a mobile app for your new real-estate business, the answer is to use the mobile app though investing in both is a better option. The rate of mobile searches has dominated the desktop searches in 2015. Here are some of the benefits associated with the usage of real-estate mobile apps:

  • Faster Property Search

Using the real-estate mobile app, people who are looking to buy or rent the property can check out all the property listing on their mobile devices from anywhere. All the details of property like price, area, images, etc. can be retrieved through the app. This faster and easier search will improve customer experience and attract new customers.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

The features in the mobile app allow the sellers to directly communicate with the buyers through the integration of chat feature. It also enables users to receive push notifications to stay updated and does not miss out any of the latest projects, deals and property listings.

  • Increases speed of sales process

One of the most important thing that is associated with buying any property is the calculation of EMIs. If user faces any delay while asking for loan details, it will definitely slow down the transaction speed. However, if there is a loan calculator featured within the mobile app, it will help buyers to easily calculate their payments through their mobiles.

  • Provides direct marketing channel

Having a mobile app for real-estate business provides various ways to market the business without any extra cost. The app helps in delivering offers & special deals to all the app users or some of them without wasting any time.

  • Creates a robust business identity

Reaching towards a higher audience is the main motive for the business growth. Every Mobile App Company believes that real estate app helps in creating a unique business identity. The powerful brand identity helps in attracting more customers, making it stand out in the market.

  • Simplify property transaction procedure

For those people who are thinking to buy properties for the first time through Online Real Estate Software Companyit may be difficult for them to understand the property transaction process. However, the mobile app will help those users in the transaction process through tips, FAQ page and blogs.

Undoubtedly, all the businesses are going online nowadays including Real-estate sector and mobile apps are being preferred over websites. It will be a wise choice to develop a powerful, yet user-friendly app for enhancing the growth of the real estate business.


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