Is Mobile Analytics Necessary for the Success of Your App?

December 26, 2016

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Making an app for any business requires strong planning and strategy during its development phase. However, one more step is needed to make it a success and that is Mobile Analytics. It has not only become an integral part of the business but also helps in measuring or assessing mobile app marketing arena. Let us see what exactly is Mobile Analytics and is it really important for the app development process.

Mobile Analytics: What is it?

A thorough research about the pros and cons need to be analyzed while starting a business and mobile analytics works in the same way. It will first collect data associated with user behavior towards the app and study them to determine the best strategy for user retention, engagement as well as conversion. The main motive of Mobile Analytics is to convert ad budgets to installs, to repeated app usage and then to in-app purchases. Every iOS and Android App Development Company now make use of advanced mobile analytics tools to attain the deep insights of the apps. It will eventually increase user lifetime value, usage rate and retention.

Significance of Mobile Analytics

The business landscape is changing continuously with the increased usage of mobile phones rather than desktops for internet access. Developing a mobile app has become necessary for any business, as the record states 90% of the user’s mobile time is spent in apps. Mobile App Analytics is a boon for the Android & iOS App Developers helping them to understand the app features with respect to user experiences. Using this, user’s behavior can be checked like how often they visit the app, how they engage themselves in it, which section is getting maximum user visit, etc. Evaluating them will help in developing an efficient mobile marketing strategy & increase ROI over performance.

According to the research, it has been estimated that by the year 2020, there will be more than 6 billion smartphone users in the world. It means app downloads will also increase and users will be having more choices to download different mobile apps. To deal with this, business owners need to make use of mobile app analytics to understand the demands of targeted audience. It will also help in several other things like:

  • It will help you work on right audience and features, saving unnecessary time and resources.
  • It would help to focus on developing & updating the marketing strategy for brand identification
  • The analysis of the user experiences while using the app will help you know your user better.

Top Mobile Analytics Your App Needs

  • Retention of App

The success of any business revolves around its customers and mobile app analytics helps to engage the targeted users & retain them as well. Tracking the number of users who have opened the app for the first time and those that came back to use the app is important. This mobile analytics trend will help in retaining the users by providing engaging features in the app.

  • In-App Referrals

Analyzing the usage of in-app referrals of the app is necessary for the app’s success, as it helps in spreading the word of mouth through the digital medium. This mobile analytics strategy helps in tracking the referral codes of the app to reach a broader audience.

  • Performance of App

The Android and iOS App Developers not only should focus on good design while developing an app, but they need to work on the performance as well. The analytics will help in monitoring the app’s issues like slow load times, errors, etc. and after that developers can resolve to make the app better for use.

  • Ratings & Feedbacks

The ratings and the genuine feedbacks given by the users of the app help in improving the app, as it gives the clear indication about the good and bad points of the app. If the users are happy and satisfied using the app, they will definitely purchase from the app, but if they are not, chances are very low.

  • Targeted Customers

As there are multiple types of users that will be using the app, different approaches need to be applied to make it interesting for all within the same app. In order to meet up the demands of various users for an app, users can be divided as per their age, gender or other criteria.

The importance of mobile analytics within the mobile app helps to enhance the marketing effort and achieve business goals. At Clavax, we believe in developing the mobile apps that can fulfill your business needs with our team of skilled developers. In addition to that, we are expertise in providing the analytics services based on Big Data to unlock the real data value.


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