Top Trends Every Android App Development Company Should Follow

December 9, 2016

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One of the fields that have been growing rapidly over the years is the development of mobile apps. We can see smartphones almost everywhere in the hands of every single person. Undoubtedly, the majority of people are using android operating system rather than any other platforms. Due to the high usage of android phones, usage of mobile apps is rising every day.  And that is the main reason why every Android App Development Company should focus on the hottest trends while designing their apps. They should be aware of the factors that will enhance the Android App Development in coming future.

Points to be Considered Before Developing Android Apps

According to the research conducted on 2016, estimated sales of Android phones among all the smartphones will reach above 80 % by 2019. We can see that Google’s Android OS is definitely leading the number, but Apple’s iOS still gives the tough competition as they make around $50 billion on iPhones only. Here is the list of the factors that will shape the Android App Development Trends:

iOS is still giving a tough competition in the market. It is because Android users are more as compared to iOS users and thereby it is easier to develop iOS apps & fix bugs on few devices. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that most of the mobile device failures are seen on Android.

The demand for enterprise apps is expected to grow about 5 times than the current rate. Enterprises will make the best use of secure business mobile apps. But, most of the android phones could not pass could pass security tests as they run usually on outdated applications.

Latest Android App Development Trends

  • Rise of Swift Programming

With the evolution of Apple’s Swift in the year 2014, it soon became the well-known language for development that is loved by several mobile app developers. Due to its popularity, Google is also planning to include Android platform with Swift. They believe that the integration of swift will definitely lessen the differences between offline & online mostly for e-commerce mobile apps.

  • Evolution of IoT

IoT has already become a major part in the field of mobile apps and its usage will rise in coming future. Now, IoT is integrated with several devices such as Google Glass, iWatch, etc. and will surely allow app developers to develop great mobile apps soon. As this trend of IoT is expected to grow exponentially in the years to come, developers should consider while developing the mobile apps.

  • Usage of Tech Wearables

Another trending subject in the field of mobile app development is tech wearables. Though wearable technology can be used in several purposes for increasing productivity & efficiency, it is mainly dominated by health care industries. This is one area where mobile app developers are giving lots of attention and we will definitely see many new innovations based on these tech wearables.

  • Better Security

Security remains the main concern for the users who will be sharing their personal information on the mobile apps. Most of the users do not want to download the app that comes without any security standards. If developers need to design an app with maximum users, they must focus on building a more secured app. Security has been playing an important part in the app development field and will continue to rise in future.

  • Apps based on Cloud

Almost everyone is aware of the benefits provided by cloud computing services, so as the mobile app developers. They can use the cloud technology to limit the size of mobile apps, which will help in resolving memory issues & bandwidth problems. The development of cloud-based mobile apps is still on trend and will continue to grow more in times to come. It will provide new opportunities to the developers building the app integrating the cloud computing technology.

On top of the all the latest trends discussed above, mobile app developers should also keep themselves updated on more mobile application trends that will be seen in coming future. Some skilled developers working in a Top Mobile App Development Companies also believes that all the mobile apps should be made available for free along with the enhanced m-commerce integration.


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