Insights on Google I/O 2018 Updates: Google is Ready to Flex its AI Muscle

May 17, 2018

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Google’s I/O 2018 updates has kicked off with a big focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With its amazing products like Google Duplex and Google Lens, the audience will get an awe-inspiring experience in the future.

Let’s discuss important updates unveiled at Google I/O 2018 event.

Google Assistant Goes a Step Ahead With AI

Google assistant is now called, ‘Google Duplex’ which is capable of handling phone calls and making reservations for you. Using deep learning and text-to-speech, Google Duplex can respond to your phone calls with appropriate voice modulation. To make it better, it supports six different voices using WaveNet Technology and allows its voices to understand natural pauses and human voices thus give a more human-like feel to the conversation. Besides that, now you can talk to the voice assistant without giving a voice command, again and again, thanks to its ‘Continued Conversation’ feature.

A Revolutionary Year for Gmail

Gmail just got smarter with a new AI feature of ‘Smart Compose’.  The predictive composition feature eliminates the need for typing sentences manually. One step ahead of word suggestions, Gmail Smart Compose suggests comprehensive portions of sentences while drafting an email which saves your time and efforts. With so much of user’s data, machine learning capabilities and predictive analysis, Google is bound to become a lot smarter than mere autocorrect.

AR Capabilities Combine Google Maps

For seamless navigation, Google has upgraded the Google Maps which brings augmented reality to your phone. It demonstrates the ability to navigate the city by foot by using AR. In this, you just need to point the phone at the street to get the right directions. With the help of a camera, visual location technology, and street view, you effectively see your directions floating ahead. Soon, you will also be able to quickly see the information including contact details and working hours by just pointing the camera at storefront, museum, hospital or restaurant.

Google Lens Makes Human Life a Lot Easier

Google Lens is an innovative attempt that combines technology advancements in computer vision and natural learning processing with Google Search. It detects everything around you like dog breeds, famous monuments, restaurants specialties and much more. Moreover, it allows smart text selection which helps you to copy and paste text from the real-world pictures seen through their phone’s camera.

Google Photos and Google News Also Gets an Intelligent Boost

The feature launched for Google photos is known as ‘Suggested Actions’. With this feature, you get automatic recommendations to brighten, colorize or desaturates the background. Along with this, if Google spots your friends based on the sharing history or face recognition, it also suggests you share with them through a one-click option. You can convert your photos into PDF format for easier usage in future.

By using latest AI techniques, Google News can now collect the continuous flow of information from the web in real-time and arrange into a story format. It helps you find updated news on all the related topics of your choice.

Android P, the Most Consequential Android Update

From adaptive applications to the adaptive battery and adaptive brightness, Android P uses AI in its core features to bring something new to the table. Few updates on Android P disclosed at the event are as follows.

  • Fewer Notification Annoyances : Although notifications are necessary however Google is trying to wipe out. With ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, you will able to set your phone away from any kind of notifications. A notable feature helps to spend vacations distraction-free.
  • Gesture Navigation : Beyond back, home, and multitask, Android P offers gesture-based control scheme which offers a flexible way to control operating system.
  • Smarter App Search Results : Android’s built-in Search is getting smarter in Android P. It not only pulls up the icons of installed apps but intelligently suggests things for you to do.

There is a lot more and every renowned Android App Development Company California is excited to try their hands on these amazing features and upgrades by Google to take the full charge of future.


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