Is Android the Best Fit for Enterprises?

March 13, 2018

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There is no denial in the fact that Android is one of the most commonly used smartphones loved by many. The use of Android is also becoming common in the enterprise and is making a huge impact on how employees handle their daily tasks despite having only 30% of the enterprise market (2017). Let’s find out how an Android phone is a good option not just for personal use but also for enterprises.

Overcoming Hurdles with Android Enterprise

With a wide range of Android phones available in the market today, choosing the best one while buying can be a difficult choice. However, this struggles doubles when you are the owner of the company and you need to find the devices for the employees & co-workers. To overcome these challenges, Google launched an initiative called Android in Enterprise that will bring together both Play and Android allowing users to work the way they want. It offers several management options for any deployment of strict lock-down devices to personally-enabled/ single-use situations.

How Can Android in Enterprise Help Your Business?

Android is the one-stop solution that offers flexibility, ease and security in managing your company’s devices irrespective of who you are- an employee, IT admin or Company Owner. If your workplace offers BYOD policy, Android helps in setting up a work profile independent of the other personal apps, keeping the company data safe and secure. This data can be easily locked down or wiped when company’s employee leaves or the phone gets lost.

Android in the Enterprise that was initiated by Google aims to use Android and Play helping users to work the way they want, use the desired apps or devices giving freedom to the IT admins the security and management features they need. Android app developers can deploy apps & devices to employees & keep the corporate data secure. With the help of Android, organizations have the freedom to choose any devices, framework or APIs to develop apps for enterprises. Here are the following things we can do using android:

  • Develop apps to achieve more productivity among employees in scenarios like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or COSU (Corporate-Owned Single Use) devices.
  • Integrate Android into your EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution to control the apps employees choose from through a managed version of Google Play.
  • Get in touch with the leading EMM partners to integrate Android in business.
  • Make the app function smoothly in environments to restrict access to data and device features.

As we can see, Android allows you to have the flexibility to choose from the number of Android devices with the ability to control them with a single management solution. No matter what are your needs or set up, you can easily control the apps employees choose to use. Android is undoubtedly the home in every kind of business that will suit all your requirements, budgets and a comprehensive way to manage it all. Make use of Android in Enterprise and see how your business achieves better productivity.


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