How Emerging CMS Trends are Making a Difference

March 9, 2018

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Following the digital revolution, savvy enterprises are exploring innovative ways to harness the surging tide of content. Implementing content management system is a smart way to organize and maintain organization’s ever-increasing volumes of content. Regardless of the industry, it helps your workforce to get smarter and faster in publishing additional information. With powerful CMS search engines, you can enhance online branding by improving search engine ranking.

However, CMS is continuously evolving to deliver excellence while delivering content across different channels. Here are top content management system trends that you must incorporate into your businesses to offer seamless user experience.

1. Headless CMS is a Game Changer

Headless CMS is gaining popularity at a great pace as it focuses on delivering significant business solutions instead of CMS projects. With a cloud-first headless CMS, you can go beyond websites and unleash different innovative possibilities like mobile applications, chatbots, virtual reality, IoT or wearables. Deployed through a cloud infrastructure, the headless content management system supports rapid application development capabilities thus supports multichannel content delivery which is flexible according to digital business.

2. Intuitive Personalization

Intuitive personalization requires a lot of content and embedded intelligence to determine what is important to your brand objectives. According to a research by Accenture, 75% of consumers prefer to make a purchase from businesses that provide relevant product recommendations based on past purchases. For delivering personalized user experiences, you will require collecting consumer data from different forms like contact or subscription forms or website browsing history. Once it is done, a customized CMS platform plays a significant role in automatically offering the relevant content to their match preferences.

3. Leverage Augmented Reality with CMS

Enterprise Content Management System specializes in embracing AR/VR capabilities for different industries including hospitality, real estate, retail, and manufacturer. Using the services like 3D modeling, manufactures and retailers can digitally render real objects into simulations or builders can showcase multiple properties with different finishes, on a single screen. It proves to be a great differentiator for providing delightful customer experiences and enhance branding.

Implementing an enterprise level CMS has become a pivot element in the digital world to witness growth in an organization. With features like easy customization and enhanced flexibility, it is worth every penny invested in it. Also, the continuous improvisations, integrations with latest technologies and productive support from online developer communities, CMS improves the operational efficiency of organizations.


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