Will Chatbots Replace the Mobile Apps Completely?

February 9, 2018

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Technology has undoubtedly made our lives much easier and has become a very important part of our daily lives. With the easy access to connectivity, people can browse internet & get any information required from anywhere & anytime. After the innovation of apps, chatbots & AI are the next big thing that will revolutionize the way people connect with one another. Gartner predicts that 85% of customer interactions will be carried out without human intervention by 2020. The question that comes to our mind is will messaging bots replace mobile apps in coming years just like websites replaced client-server apps. Let’s learn about the growing rate of chatbots & how they are helpful in simplifying customer & business interactions.

Reasons How Chatbots Score Better Than Apps

Today, many businesses have started realizing the benefits of using chatbots for enhanced operations that enable effective conversations & quick responses that are faster than apps. Android & iOS App Developers need to focus more on creating chatbots for apps to achieve better customer-centric conversations & business goals. Here are the few reasons why chatbots can replace apps in coming years:

  • Stagnant Growth of Mobile Apps

Gartner published a report in 2015 that shows the rate of app usage has become unchanged, as users are becoming exhausted & don’t want to increase their current usage levels. Smartphones have memory issues & there are too many apps available in the market, which is why the number of apps used per user is staying stagnant.

  • Increasing Demand of Chatbots

Chatbot not only provides the best way to connect with customers for your business but also act as an efficient & intelligent assistant that delivers what customers need i.e. self-service, quick replies & better personalization. The ability to maintain customer relationship in business without human interaction is the reason behind the increased demand of chatbots.

  • Merging Services in Unified Interface

Chatbot can help in packaging all the services together into a single messaging platform, which is more convenient than downloading multiple apps for different purposes. If services like shopping groceries, booking tickets or flights can be availed through a single platform of the chatbot, customers can save their storage on their devices & carry out the better interaction.

  • Human-like Interaction Process

The rise of conversational chatbots helps in simplifying the communication with users or businesses to fulfill goals and even handle tasks through a natural & human-like interaction mode. As the user gets personalized & instant answers to their queries, chatbots are the better option than waiting for customer care support resolutions.

  • Every Business will have a bot

The usage of the Facebook messenger is becoming popular than Facebook itself with the record of around 1 billion users per month. Similarly, chatbot enables businesses to find innovative ways to reach out people with proper interaction. In coming years, every business will need a bot to engage more with their customers.

  • Faster than Apps & websites

Chatbots can load instantly while the website may take few seconds or even minutes, which means people will want to save more time using chatbots over apps. Mobile apps need to be downloaded on your device to use them while chatbot doesn’t require that.

Chatbots have immense benefits that can help in revolutionizing the way business communicate with their customers. In terms of development perspective, building bots are relatively much easier than developing iOS & Android apps. Considering the several advantages offered by chatbots, every iOS & Android App Development Company need to take caution & use the technology of chatbots to offer overall user experience. One thing is sure, chatbots have a long way to go, as it is smart & can constantly learn from user’s behavior to provide personalized responses.


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