Is Flutter Setting a New Trend in Mobile App Development World?

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March 24, 2021

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For the success of any business, making a good interaction with your customers is essential and that’s where a good mobile app comes into action. This not only helps in expanding your business to a larger customer base but also in unlocking the market reach. Businesses are transforming the way they work with the help of robust mobile apps aligned with the best features to keep customers connected. We live in a competitive world where technology plays a main role for organizations that are struggling to cater to the needs of evolving customers. However, a wrong choice of mobile app development platform can lead to the failure of the business.

Choosing the right cross-platform development framework can be a great advantage for those business owners who wish to build apps at a shorter time with reduced costs. Flutter is one of the evolving frameworks that are used for building native apps & engaging user interfaces for mobile, web & desktop using a single codebase. Let’s find out more about Flutter Application Development and how it is setting a new trend in the app industry.

Facts & Figures of Flutter App Development

Flutter is known for lower development costs, making it the best choice for business startups as well as entrepreneurs & big-scale businesses aligned with maximum features. Let’s check out some facts about flutter mobile app development.

  • Flutter came into existence in December 2018 and gained around 2 million users by April 2020.
  • Flutter is ranked among the most-loved frameworks with a 75.4% vote by app developers when compared to other languages.
  • Google came up with version 1.2 of the flutter cross-platform framework for mobile, web & desktop & witnessed an increase in the number of Flutter apps in the Play Store from 50k to 90k since April’20.
  • With huge popularity gained after its launch, Flutter has acquired 117 stars on GitHub.
  • As per the data shared by Google, 35% of flutter developers work for startups, 26% are enterprise developers, 19% are self-employed & 7% for design agencies.

Flutter is growing tremendously and it will grow more in the coming days. From the data shown above, it is quite clear that many developers are confident that Flutter is the future of cross-platform app development.

What Makes Flutter Set a New Trend for App Development in 2021?

We have learned about the growing popularity of Flutter among startups as well as enterprises in the above section. Here are some of the reasons to choose flutter for your next app development needs and how it is setting a new trend for app development in 2021.

  • Single Codebase

The best thing about flutter is that it allows a write-once approach, overcoming the traditional limitations of cross-platform frameworks where developers had to write multiple codes for several platforms. App developers of Flutter only have to code once for different operating systems i.e., iOS and Android. Flutter is a hybrid app development approach loved by both users and developers due to reduced efforts & improved app quality with better speed.

  • Effortless Coding

As discussed above, Flutter requires only one code that helps to simplify the app development process for developers, making it efficient. Thanks to the single codebase enabling developers to save time & reuse code with different plugins. Apart from that, Flutter supports a simple quality assurance process to verify the functionality & features of a cross-platform mobile app.

  • Lesser Testing Load

With flutter development services, you get to work with an enhanced app with lesser testing needs. As Flutter enables you to build two different native mobile apps using one framework, the testing efforts will be tremendously reduced. With the support of automatic tests done only once for the app, it allows developers to save time in development as well as testing reducing workload.

  • Hot Restart

Flutter comes with a unique feature called hot reload or hot restart that helps developers to view any changes in the code within a second. Even when the developers are working on the code, they can see the progress simultaneously, which increases the productivity of the developers to a large extent especially when it comes to bug fixing.

  • MVP Support

Another advantage of Flutter app development is that it helps you display your MVP to investors. No need to develop apps for Android & iOS, business owner can discuss their business model without the hassle and acquire funding. Flutter support for Firebase doesn’t need you to separate backend for building simple MVP.

  • Easier Language

Flutter uses Dart programming language that is based on the in-house language of Google. As this language is a single source and general-purpose language, developers with basic knowledge

can easily use & access it better as compared to other languages. Dart language is not only used for the development of mobile app but also for web, server & desktop apps.

  • Custom UI Widgets

Flutter has a wide range of UI features allowing developers to experiment with app UI design & development. Thanks to the support of widgets such as navigation, scroll, fonts, etc. that can be easily customized irrespective of the screen size. Flutter widgets can also be wrapped with one another for multiple functions

  • Simpler Set-Up & Maintenance

Thanks to the single codebase of Flutter, it is easy to set up & maintain the mobile app. If there is an issue, changes are updated swiftly without the need of going back & forth on the codes saving money & efforts. Anyone can start developing the Flutter app effortlessly with a little help from the development team.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you must have got an idea that Flutter stands way ahead as compared to other cross-platform development frameworks. From amazing features, great cross-platform user experience, to exceptional app performance, Flutter offers all without burning a hole in the pocket. That is why; companies with budget constraints must look forward to work with the experts of the reliable Flutter App Development Company & transform their app ideas into tangible business solutions. Take advantage of the immense benefits offered by the Flutter cross-platform framework and achieve positive outcomes with apps working on different platforms.