Is Low-Code No-Code Paving the Future of Application Development?

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May 19, 2022

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The digital space is advancing and enhancing each day, and the developments have been taking businesses to better technological possibilities. Ever heard of the phrases “low-code” and “no-code”, circulating around in the app development industry?

With the world shifting towards everything technology, there’s a growing dependence on customer-focused mobile applications, though we’re still unsure if all businesses are planning to have a mobile app!

Why do businesses fail to get started with their mobile apps? There could be multiple reasons but the major one in the funnel could be the development budget, including either spending on an in-house team or outsourcing the work altogether.

What if your in-house team can work on the new app development without sparing much time or having a structure ready to just fit the requirements? Seems quite a favorable right?

Low code no-code development brings an exclusive option to develop mobile apps with little or no coding! Confused? Let’s quickly dive into the concept and dynamics of low code no code.

What’s low code no code development?

Precisely, low code no code platforms enable the businesses to develop applications through visual development approach instead of following an alternative development route that requires tons of code lines to be added.

The combination of low code app development and no-code software development works excellent when placed together. Here is what both mean individually.

  • Low Code Development

It’s a modular software development approach that carefully picks and connects code blocks for building an application, a website, or functionality.

Low code development platforms require some amount of coding but are relatively easier for the developers to develop new applications in the least possible time.

  • No-Code Development

Extremely favorable for the non-developers, no-code development makes use of a drag-and-drop procedure which requires possibly no prior coding experience or knowledge!

No code platforms provide businesses and their teams with zero software development, being assembled with the help of functional and reusable building blocks.

Blending both development options, a business can achieve its goal with little or no time invested in the entire process! The major perks of having a low code development in action include the following factors-

  • While building your app or website, you can easily have a view of your production.
  • Low code development consists of multilayer security features which makes it absolute bliss in terms of security.
  • With low code development platforms, you can build AI-powered applications and software solutions that were once only possible through an experienced team at work.

Challenges addressed by low code no code development

Top mobile app development companies have been shifting towards the easy, convenient, and secure low code no-code platforms, but what exactly can encourage the businesses to choose them?

Here are a few challenges that low code no code development caters to so far-

  • Bandwidth

Your in-house IT team is generally working every day and has a set of critical businesses to take care of! Due to the same reason, they have lesser time to work on an all-new application could be gross.

Low code no-code development decreases the development time and provides developers more time to focus on their regular work.

  • App Development Cost

Hiring a specific team to work on the app development can be an expensive affair or in case you’re hiring a low code no-code mobile app developer it can also be costly stuff too.

  • Development Time

With the preset code blocks, it takes relatively lesser time in development than building everything from the scratch. The regular development options are slow & complexity driven resulting in delayed outputs.

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Reasons to compel users to choose low code no code development

  • Improved Agility

Experts believe that low-code software development defines the future of business agility. As it allows you to modify internal software solutions, it can gradually help the non-coders to fill the loopholes and workflow gaps with the help of simplified visual techniques.

Moreover, the teams can conveniently make it responsive no matter what device or gadget you’re focusing on.

  • Increased Productivity

With low code no code you can easily skip the technical coding part and contribute to better collaboration within the team. It may be any team; it eventually saves a lot of time and results in improving productivity in the business.

  • Rich Customer Experience

With a range of prebuilt design templates and interface options, there’s a fair chance to have better customer interactions on the platform. Hence, you can offer your customers a seamless experience without interfering with the product functionality.

  • Effective Risk Management

Changes are the one thing constant and low-code development platforms are designed to cater to the same! It’s easy and quick to update or amend the process without the need of writing extensive codes. Through this, businesses, fortunately, have an integrated risk management system.

Stats to make you believe in low code no code

Still don’t believe in the capabilities of low code no code development? These stats might change your mind!

  • Gartner estimates that low-code app platforms would account for over 65 percent of deployment by 2024.
  • A forecast by Forrester states that the low-code market would top $21 billion in spending by 2022.
  • As per Mendix Survey, 70 percent of developers with no programming background learned how to build applications with a low-code platform in a mere one month or even less, while 28 percent learned in just two weeks or lesser.
  • As per research and markets, the global low-code development platform market is predicted to generate a revenue of $187.0 billion by 2030 and is expected to advance at a swifter pace, 31.1 percent CAGR, during the forecast period of 2020-2030.
The Verdict

With numerous mobile app development platforms, you would surely have a confused state of mind on choosing the best-suited one! Here’s what we think you, as a business should opt for!

If your business is intending to develop a basic, no fancy, and zero customization app, low code no code can be your perfect partner and surely the future of app development but, on the contrary, if you have bigger thoughts to rule the app market, have an extraordinary application leading the way and inculcate exclusive features, we would recommend you to go for the traditional way to develop your app with a team of developers to help you throughout the process and guide when you require help at any point.

Feature-packed applications do need some extra care and you do need a proper team to work with while, simple apps are best suited with low code no code development!

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