All You Need to Know About Google’s New Release; Flutter 3

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May 21, 2022

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Launched by Google, Flutter is an SDK that is used to create high-performing and appealing cross-platform mobile applications. Though it can be used for developing web applications and desktop apps for iOS platforms, businesses are still in splits if Flutter is the right choice for mobile and web development.

Flutter is a brand-new framework but delivers an exclusive & extraordinary user-experience that the previous generation frameworks failed to reach.

With the previous developments in Flutter, here’s an all-new Google masterpiece – Flutter 3, curated to develop a single code base for 6 platforms.

Flutter 3 can craft excellent experiences with just one single code base by helping developers by providing them a free hand to put their efforts into other tasks and allowing the startups to bring new ideas into the market right from the beginning.

From the Last Development

Talking about the earlier versions of Flutter, Google supplemented iOS and Android with web and windows support.

The last development of Flutter-2 brought the updates including the option to build progressive web apps, developing desktop apps with ease, bringing new features and improvements that deliver adaptive user interface, and lastly providing a sound null safety feature through which developers can avoid null error crashes.

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The Journey of Flutter 3

Flutter has been doing wonders in the journey so far. Initially, when the framework was launched, it revolutionized the domain of app development.

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Flutter Versions

Starting from Flutter 1.0 beta, Google is focusing on creating new widgets and deeper integration with multiple platforms. Carrying along with a rich library of packages and various performances and tooling improvements.

Being in the business for such a short span, Flutter became a name used by the biggies including WeChat, SHEIN, Tabcorp, and others.

A survey states that 91 percent of developers say that Flutter is a relatively smooth platform and takes lesser time for creating and publishing an application.

However, 85 percent of developers cited that they got to publish their application on much more platforms than previously.

What’s new in Flutter 3?

The new update in Flutter brought in great improvements, here are some insights to look at-

  • Firebase Support in Flutter

Today, app publishers require an extensive set of tools for facilitating them in building, releasing, and operating applications with a string of services including data authentication, cloud functionality, device testing, and storage of data as well. With more than 63 percent of developers using Firebase in their application.

To have a fair clarity on Flutter’s persistent growth, the suite of Firebase plugins especially for flutter has now been falling under Firebase’s repo and website.

Now you will be able to fetch the errors by making use of the Firebase Crashlytics plugin that provides an idea of the app stability through which it’s relatively easier to fix the bugs by tracking errors.

  • Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

This update is great news for the game developers! Google is now sharing a casual game toolkit that consists of preset templates, guidelines, and some tutorials for the game developers who’re willing to invest their time and effort in a flutter.

This can be treated as an exponential advancement in flutter, and you can witness several games that have been released in the market which are completely built with flutter.

  • More Platforms Supported

The initial launch of flutter marked commendable Android and iOS app support, now the framework can be officially used for building web apps, websites, and embedded devices. Flutter app developers can now develop applications for macOS and Linux devices with no hassles attached!

  • Dart 2.17

The latest launch of flutter 3 brought in new updates for the Dart SDK, carrying in new language version 2.17. the said advancements are accessible for all the developers, no matter whether they’re using Flutter or not!

Dart 2.17 is basically the ability for developers to extend enums and override its default functions as well. It makes the enums act like custom-written classes.

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Mobile Updates in Flutter 3

Here are the mobile updates you will witness in the latest version of Flutter 3 –

  • iOS Variable Refresh Rate Support

Flutter 3 will now be supporting variable refresh rates on iOS devices fulfilled with ProMotion displays along with iPhone 13 pro and iPad pro.

Now Flutter applications can go as far as 120 Hz refresh rates which was earlier limited to just 60 Hz on similar devices, providing users with a much smoother experience when experiencing animations.

  • Support for Foldable Phones

Flutter 3 will now be supporting foldable devices (mobile) having collaboration with Microsoft. The new launches can provide better dynamic and productive experiences on foldable devices.

  • Simplified iOS App Launch

Flutter 3 is now equipped with the new option to create an IPA command for the quick and easy launch of the iOS application.

Web Updates in Flutter 3

Here are the web updates you will witness in the latest version of Flutter 3 –

  • Web App Lifecycle

Flutter has launched a new lifecycle API for web applications, one can get the flexibility to have complete control over the bootstrap process of the app right from hosting the HTML page. Further helping in the Lighthouse for analyzing the app performance and simplifying the development process.

  • Image Decoding

The latest Flutter web is now capable of automatically perceiving and using image coder API in the browser. Increasing the image speed by 2x without blocking the main thread and clearing up the junk which used to be there previously due to the images.

Flutter has a way to go forward

With Flutter 3 finding its way forward, it’s precisely a single code base reaching and supporting six different platforms including Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Google will continue spreading its reach and adding more features in Flutter to advance, upgrade and explore different boundaries or enhance tech.

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