App Development Cost 2022 – Know Your Budget First to Plan Better

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March 28, 2022

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Once you decide to make your business go digital, you must plan to build the app aligned with the robust features. One question that arises is the app development cost. Getting an idea about your app development cost estimate is the most essential part as it can help you manage the budget and void unexpected expenses.

Talking about the average costs, a decent quality app may cost from $ 40k to $60k and even rise to $300k depending on the complexity for a single platform (i.e. iOS, Android, or web). Depending on multiple factors like app type, functionality, design elements, features, complexity, and more, it can be a difficult task to get the exact estimate. Let’s find out everything you need to know about the development cost and how you can minimize the expenses.


Finding Out the App Development Estimate – Factors & Costs

Wondering how much does it cost to build a mobile app for your business? What are the top-most features that you must add and which ones will make the app development cost increase? How will you choose the right development partner for the best app development at an affordable rate? You will get answers to every question in the section below. Let’s check out some of the best factors & the costs associated with the same-

  • App Type

Depending on the types of apps, the development cost will vary from one another. They are as follows-

  • Basic apps like the To-Do app, clocks, etc. can take 1 month to complete and cost around $10k to $15k.
  • Data-Driven App like weather, maps, etc. deals with lots of data that requires analysis and sharing with users. It cost around $15k to $20k.
  • Personalized App like brand loyalty apps where users log in to access data cost around $40k to $50k
  • Social Networking App like Instagram, FB, etc. having millions of interactions daily cost around $60k to $300k
  • eCommerce App like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. having features like user registration, interactions, product catalogs, product pages, payment, etc. cost around $60k to $300k
  • On-demand apps like Uber, food delivery, etc. connect service providers enabling users to get on-demand services. They cost around $150k to $300k
  • Marketplace app, a combination of both eCommerce and on-demand apps costs around $150k to $300k. Example- Travel Booking App.

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  • Developers’ Location

Another aspect is the location of the developers and the hourly rates they charge for the development task of your app.  The cost of development hours taken by developers will vary from one location to another, highest by developers belonging to most developed countries.

Developers from developed countries charge $100 to $250 per hour, $80 to $180 by developers from mid-range developed countries, and $25 to $60 by developers in developing countries.


  • App Complexity & Features

Before you hire experts from a trusted iOS or Android app development company, finalize the number of features as it will drive the cost of app development. The complexity of the app features also leads to different app costs.

For instance, building a basic feature like log in or subscription will take 20/25 hours while advanced features like payment gateway integration will take 150 to 250 hours or more. API integrations or incorporation of technologies like AI or ML can also increase the cost.


  • UX/UI Design

With high competition in the market, customers will look for a suitable app that comes with a simple design, easy navigation, and high performance. Keeping the design of the app unique is an essential step to gain users’ attention and make them choose your brand over competitors. Make use of the right buttons, icons, fonts, or other elements to make the app look aesthetically pleasing to customers’ eyes.


  • Development Method

You can opt for native app development i.e. Android or iOS or both as native apps are known for better user experience and performance but it comes with higher development costs. The average cost comes from around $50k to $170k.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, go for cross-platform development as it doesn’t need separate source codebases for Android and iOS like native apps.


  • Support & Maintenance

The app development cost doesn’t end with the app launch, you need to monitor your app timely and keep it updated with new features, bug fixes, maintenance, update with the latest trends, etc. The maintenance and support cost will take around 15 to 20% of the overall app development budget.

However, it is essential as it will help in keeping your customers engaged and retain them for a longer time.

Find Out How You Can Build App on a Budget

While building your app, it is important to make sure that you do not exceed your budget & avoid any mistakes that would unnecessarily increase your app development cost. Let’s check out some of the sure-shot ways to keep the cost minimal without impacting the quality of the app.

Research & Discovery

The first important thing to do is to conduct thorough research to know your competitors, target audience, learn about different technologies & platforms. This will help in building an up-to-date app that meets users’ expectations & avoids making unnecessary expenses.

Finding Right Partner

The development partner you choose can make or break your brand, which is why you must analyze their previous work experience, reviews, their services, and cost structure. Go for the one that offers reliable services and helps you calculate the cost with ease.

Opt for Outsourcing

This is a great option for small business owners or startups with a low budget as outsourcing your app development work will be comparatively much lesser than hiring the in-house app development team. Some of the great options are the ones that are based in India, Ukraine, etc.

Build MVP

Building a basic app version i.e. MVP is a great choice as it helps you evaluate the important functional features of your app. One of the best suggestions is to incorporate only the basic features first so that you don’t overspend on app development. Other advanced features can be added later on.

Keep Design Simple

One of the important aspects is to keep the design of the app as simple as possible by making use of basic design elements. You can move to the complex design of the app after the successful launch of the basic designed app.

Evaluate Approx. Cost

Getting rough app cost estimation can do wonders for your business as it can help you in planning the budget in the right way. Start with ballpark estimation and go for the precise after finalizing the features you have to add to your app.

Know your App Scope

Ensure that you stay within the plan in the initial phase of app development and increase the scope in the later phases and iterations.

Additional Tips to Lower Your App Development Cost

  • Timely Communication

Keep in touch with the development team throughout the development cycle. Work with the iOS and Android app developers that follow agile methodology for faster iterations.


  • Rigorous Testing

One of the most essential steps is the time-to-time testing of your app. Have a team of QA testers check daily through team meetings.


  • Analyzing Feedback

Consider every user’s feedback you receive for your app very seriously if you want your app to be a success. This will help in delivering what users need.


  • Implementing Changes

Always keep a budget aside to leave some room for flexibility. Implement the changes if required to meet users’ demands.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you must have got an idea of the factors that impact the cost of the app development. However, without the help of a trustworthy development partner, one might get easily overwhelmed. Clavax, being the most reliable Android and iOS App Development Company in California holds expertise in delivering various successful mobile apps enabling businesses to meet specific needs.

Connect with our experts to know about the quick app estimate and build a robust app aligned with the best features to grab immense business benefits.