Python or Node.js – Which is apt solution for your Web Development Project?

Python or Node.js

November 2, 2021

Reading time about 5 minutes

Every business wants to revolutionize its capabilities by tapping into the tech sector. However, we are living in a highly competitive world, it is essential to choose the right tech stack to achieve success. Node.js and Python are the two most compared backend technologies for web application development. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion over both technologies and let you know which out of the two suits the best for your web project.

Table of contents:

  • Why does tech choice matter?
  • Why and when to choose Node.js for Web Development?
  • Why and when to choose Python for Web Development?

Every technology is not a one-size-fits-all option. Most web app developers choose backend technology based on their hands-on experience in a particular technology. It might be convenient but not often the right approach to achieve desired business goals.

Choosing the right technology matters for a web application. If your expectations match with technology’s capabilities, the result will be more profitable and successful. Identification of the right technology helps you determine various aspects including development potential and budget.

Why it is Important to Choose Right Technology Stack?

If you search online or ask your peers about which technology you should choose, everyone will have a different opinion. Technology might be working well for their project however may or may not be the best fit for your project.

With continuous technological evolutions, Python and Node.js possess new characteristics to deliver optimal performance. Hire a reliable web app development company that has the expertise and experience in developing best-in-class web applications. With the support of experienced web developers, you can make a rightful decision in no time.

Why to choose Node.js for Web Development and when?

About 50% increase in application performance with a simultaneous decrease in response time (PayPal saw a decrease of 35%) and development costs. (Source: Statista). Node.js web development is a good reason for startups to start with.

Node.js is neither a library nor a framework but a runtime environment-based JavaScript engine. It operates on single thread event loop thus delivers high performance. Let’s take a quick overview of Node.js benefits when building web applications.

  • Powerful Tech Stack

Node.js is JavaScript based that gives it access to all JavaScript tech stack, its resources, and community. Moreover, you get right to use the MEAN stack that covers all needs of web development. Mongo DB for data management, Express.js for efficient backend development, Angular.js to create dynamic interfaces, and Node.js for backend JavaScript development.

  • Flexible Development

As Node.js uses JavaScript, it offers flexibility like Python. Node.js developers can experiment with the environment with its simple packages to build customized platform. Using the best of JavaScript, it is flexible enough to implement each feature effectively.

  • Rich Ecosystem

Node.js has a collection of open-source plugins. It consists of more than 840,000 libraries which web developers use in 97% of web apps. Also, it consists of around 700,000 modules on Node Package Manager, which reduces development time drastically.

When to use Node.js over Python

Node.js is ideal for applications that require a stable connection between the server and browser-side app. If you want to build a custom chatbot for your business, then Node.js is exactly what you need. With Node.js web development, the bot can seamlessly connect with the server and respond to customer queries. Netflix, LinkedIn, Paypal are some of the biggest brands that are using Node.js for their platform.

Why to choose Python for Web Development and when?

Python was launched 30 years ago in the marketplace. And according to recent statistics, the language grew about 50%, and it is expected to rank up further in 2022.

An open-source, object-oriented programming language, Python is used to build web applications. Top Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Instagram use Python for developing Artificial Intelligence-based Algorithms.

  • Developer Friendly

Python is a beginner-friendly language. Most mistakes in Python are easily controllable and do not block the development process with minor code issues. The syntax is like the English language, thus enables swift and rapid development.

  • Powerful & Flexible

Web applications developed with Python don’t lag. The language is well-documented and versatile. The backend is dynamic, enabling easy and quick customizations. When used with Django, developers can easily reuse the code that reduces development time.

  • Short Codes used for Rapid Prototyping

Python consists of amazing features that help in developing rapid prototypes. It allows start-ups to launch the product in less time. Moreover, quick iterations can be done post-deployment of the platform.

When to use Python over Node.js

Python rich has libraries that allow you to deploy an MVP more efficiently than any other language. The python interpreter makes it an ultimate solution for quick deployment and iterations. Intel, IBM, and Spotify are the top brands that use Python language for their platform.


As you can witness, Python or Node.js have various advantages and disadvantages, but both are extremely popular and relevant for building web applications. Both have wide communities and can develop robust applications. The decision to choose the technology remains with you. Consult a top-notch web development company and select what’s best for your web app.