Reasons to Choose Flutter for Your Cross-platform App Development

cross platform mobile app development

November 3, 2021

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Numerous mobile technologies are leading the mobile space and speeding the dynamics at a rapid pace. Though the concept of cross-platform mobile development has now been revolutionizing the entire app development process for not just the app developers but, businesses too!

With the changing considerations and evolving needs, the future entitles flutter for cross-platform app development. Developed by Google, Flutter is the new sensation. Let’s get started right from the basics, from the grounds where Flutter evolved, how it came so far and how will it lead the future.

Decoding Flutter

There are a lot of frameworks that came to power so far, some drowned in the race, while a few became immensely popular. The leading ones include PhoneGap, Xamarin, React Native, etc. though Flutter has a long way to go, being amongst the most loved ones, it’s by far the leading framework making its space to better outcomes.

The basic issue with most of the frameworks is mostly the user experience. Of course, they’re swift but somehow not everyone strikes right on providing a smooth experience like a native app. Talking about flutter, it is basically a Software Development Kit introduced by Google in 2018 and is currently considered as one of the most impactful tools in swift app development. The top benefit of flutter is that the applications made with it are platform-independent, they’re single codebase made for iOS and Android collectively.

Why’s Flutter the Choice for Future?

Google has worked on extensive aspects including enriched user interface elements, C++ rendering engine, and object-oriented programming language- Dart. Here’s why Flutter is soon to be leading the future of cross-platform app development-

  • It’s Rapid than ever

Amongst the many reasons for the highly increasing popularity of flutter, being the fastest in developing applications is the most impactful aspect. Offering possibly the fastest cross-platform app development experience, developers can complete debugging and testing within the shortest tenure through the robust framework. It can further cut down app costs and schedule meeting deadlines as well.

  • Smooth Firebase Integration

Not too much surprise, Firebase is a popular Backend-as-a Services (BaaS) platform for mobile app development. Flutter is Firebase compatible, and it is the primary reason why flutter and firebase can be smoothly integrated throughout.

Thus, in terms of flutter developers, major services including analytics, crash reporting and database becomes much easier. If you, as a business is looking for a platform to create interactive animations Flutter is undoubtedly the right choice. A developer having advanced knowledge of Flutter can smoothly create best-in-class applications using Flutter.

  • Innumerable Open-Source Packages

Flutter leads to countless open-source packages which are available for free. As a result, mobile app developers can make use of Flutter exactly how they would like to do it, and of course, without any imperative functionality, they’re willing to include it. Few open-source packages which are available on Flutter include Flutter Ecommerce, Frideos flutter, Loading Animations, and many more. Having a dedicated global community to the name, it’s a powerful community ensuring that any query shared on Flutter will be instantly answered.

  • Single Code Base

Cross-platform app development with Flutter is only possible through its amazing feature of a single codebase. It makes use of the same codebase through every platform, may it be web applications, Android, or iOS. The developers and enterprises are mostly looking for app development frameworks that can complete the entire process through minimum possible efforts, cost and time.

  • Personalized Widgets

As a business owner, you must know that Flutter includes various widgets which can be customized quite easily. It loosens the burden out of the job of developers and is quite an effective tool as well. There are two main kinds of widgets on Flutter named Cupertino and Material widgets, these make the development quite easier and help in creating Vibrant user interfaces as well.

  • Easier Option to Adapt

Flutter uses Google’s programming language Dart and is a way easier to adapt. The language is as popular as Java, C++, or Python. Though the best part about this programing language is the simplicity and sorted aspect. The effective and untangled nature of Flutter reports it as the leading choice amongst the developers.

Popular Apps developed by Flutter

Flutter has been used by the leading brands; these include-

  • eBay Motors
  • Reflectly
  • Alibaba Group
  • Toyota
  • Home thrive
  • Stream
  • Superlist

How will Flutter solemnly reshape the future of App Development?

As per the highly growing popularity, Flutter will continue to lead in the years ahead. In fact, it’s having the capabilities to change the paradigm of app development for good! In the upcoming years, one can expect the following changes-

  • Google’s programming language Dart will introduce null safety features. This typically means that null safety will be introduced for the migration of any file systems and packages within Flutter.
  • Improved ergonomics will be used in Flutter for improving its performance in Android and iOS platforms.
  • Developers can expect production-quality support for Linux, Windows, and max-OS.
  • As a business owner, one can expect the performance of the entire Flutter framework in terms of memory usage, run-time performance, usage, and many more.

Final Thoughts

With continuous efforts, constant changes, and rich widgets, Flutter can be the right choice for developing cross-platform applications in the future. Though every framework will have its pros and cons, always analyze what suits you the best as a business. Cross-platform app development using flutter is always a good choice for tons of reason to choose it! Interested in going forward with Flutter? Find the right app development company and get started.