Top 3 High-Performing Backend Frameworks that You Should Know

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October 25, 2021

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Today, every business is inclining towards digital technology. There are limitations. You might have an excellent business idea, but an appropriate execution will help you gain desired results.

The backend is responsible for how the application works, thus selecting the right backend framework is the most critical stage of the software development journey. The task becomes challenging due to the myriad of options available.

Before we dig into detail about the best backend web development frameworks, you must know that development is categorized into two facets – frontend and backend development.

Frontend development includes the visual part of the application. The top front-end frameworks are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Backend frameworks are also called server-side frameworks. The backend developers are responsible for the implementation of database systems, generating backend functionality, and ensuring end-to-end communication between different web services.

Do you need Backend Frameworks for your Application?

It depends on your business requirements. If you wish to display pre-set static data, then only Front-end will do. But if you want to display dynamic or user-specific content, you need backend tools.

Why choosing the right Technology Stack matters?

Irrespective that it is frontend or backend technology, selecting the best web framework is crucial in achieving optimum results. With the right technology set, you can:

  • Minimize the code deployment time
  • Maintain code easily
  • Accelerate time to market

Let’s look at the best backend frameworks in 2021-22 that can be the game-changer for your IT project.

1. Django – The Web Framework Ideal for Projects with Deadlines

Django is a python-based backend framework that encourages clean and rapid development. One of the top reasons Django is preferred over other frameworks is that it offers high-end security. It covers all the loopholes that are commonly missed by the developers during the development phase. It uses Python for all operations thus facilitates optimal pluggability, reduced coding time, and faster development.

Django is suitable for?

Django is suitable for the development of feature-rich, scalable, and data-driven websites. From content management systems to social networking websites, it can work with almost every client-side framework. With a huge community and hundreds of libraries, it becomes the best option that is used by the developers to build projects with high demands and tight deadlines.

Popular brands built with Django

According to the latest study by Statista, there are around 83,569 websites built with Django as of now. In almost every sector, from education to healthcare and telecommunications, Django can be used to level up your digital game. Some of the popular brands that are leveraging the potential of Django are YouTube, Dropbox, Google Search, and much more.

2. Ruby on Rails – Still a Good Choice in 2021

Ruby on Rails is powerful, scalable, and at the same time affordable. It focuses on conventional elements and eliminates the hassle of configuring a custom development environment every time. Start-ups prefer Ruby on Rails than other frameworks because of its consistency, high-quality, and bug-free development setup.

Ruby on Rails is best for which projects?

Thanks to the simplicity of prototyping, Ruby on Rails is quite popular in the marketplace. It is used to develop commerce applications, informational portals, stock exchange platforms, and social networking sites.

Companies using Ruby on Rails

Goodreads, Airbnb, and Hulu are some well-known names that are using the framework for long-term growth. Ruby on Rails is a 15-years old framework that is continuously evolving according to the current business requirements.

3. Node.js – For Standard or Large-Scale Applications?

Huge community and own runtime environment are the top factors that make Node.js popular in the marketplace. Node.js is a JavaScript-based solution, so it is easy for developers to build turn-key solutions without any extra effort. Its ever-growing NPM (node package manager) allows developers to use multiple tools and modules, boosting productivity.

Best for Real Time Applications

Node.js is usually working the best for real-time streaming apps because it provides client-side requests without any delays. It is a recommended backend framework on an enterprise-level because of its modern tooling that allows developers to build complex applications swiftly. Also, its forward-thinking capabilities make it stand out in the competitive marketplace.

Top examples that Use Node.Js in 2021

Netflix, LinkedIn, and PayPal are the top examples that are currently using Node.js. Why did they decide to move on to Node.Js, and did it work for them? Let dive in for all the answers you are looking for.

The Benefits Netflix got with Node.Js are:

  • Load time decreased by 70%. Now it only takes one second to load all the content on the interface.
  • It made it easier to integrate microservices.
  • The transition from the frontend to the backend becomes smoother as it has a JavaScript-based environment.

The advantages PayPal acquired with Node.js adoption

  • Response time drastically reduced, which led to a 35% decrease in load time.
  • User requests doubled since the adoption of Node.js technology.


The listed backend frameworks play a quintessential role in the development of any project. It is crucial to choose a dependable set of backend tools to accomplish business goals. If you are a newbie in the IT industry, it is wise to hire a top-notch mobile and web app development company. Experienced web app developers can guide you throughout the development journey and ensure high-quality software.

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