Why Anywhere Operations is not just a Trend But a Blend of Work & Comfort Zone to Stay for Long?

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October 14, 2021

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It’s almost two years after we have shifted the entire workspaces right at our homes and still figuring out better ways to connect, collaborate and stay in line. The rapid shift made us realize that every business can be a digital business and technology is the lifeline for economies, companies, and people. It has purely changed the way we visualize and understand the world. And of course, the change is for the better!

Remote working was once thought but a necessity now, and we’ve experienced a positive sentiment throughout. A report from Forrester states that little more than half (53%) of workers working from home due to the pandemic would like to continue with some remote work flexibility even after a full return to the workplace.

There’s another prediction by Forrester, stating that the number of remote workers at the end of 2021 will be three-time in comparison to the pre-pandemic era. Clarifying more on this topic, let’s have a fair idea about the entire concept and how this can be of ultimate use in the future.

What’s Anywhere Operations?

In a layman’s language, it’s the top technology trend or maybe a comfort zone wherein employees cannot just take their workspace home but can work from literally anywhere. Creating a decentralized enterprise and enabling a way better resiliency and access to a much broader skillset utilization.

In other words, it means that companies can operate at a similar scale and effectiveness across varied roles and responsibilities, no matter the geographical location the company or an employee is in. but, are we misinterpreting work from home to anywhere operations? There’s a thin line in between to divide both.

For anywhere operations, businesses have to be able to operate from anywhere, anytime, and in any sort of mode. A successful anywhere operations strategy should completely be people-centric and location-independent.

Basically, a business is supposed to be operable from any part of the country and should be firmly connected throughout with high-speed internet and stay effective in the role as well.

Even the companies how have started recognizing what employees do need and have started providing the convenience to work from anywhere and stay in line with their own space and work at the same time.

Benefits of Anywhere Operations, is it worth the effort?

2020 taught us to enable remote work operations and continuing business operability from anywhere. While executing the same requires a huge technological shift and a leap forward on the journey of business continuity. Here, we eliminate the wasted efforts as we keep everything operating everywhere accessible to anyone in any possible way.

Talking about anywhere operations-basically consist of having the ability to run the business remotely. For instance, the Brewing Company worked with Insight to implement a connected platform solution making use of sensors, artificial intelligence, and thermal cameras.

Right from the convenience of a smartphone, any designated administrators for the brewery can view reporting data and also cater to the issues including reporting data and address issues such as elevated refrigeration temperatures in real-time.

Automation is another leading technology supporting anywhere work. Through automating workflows, transactions, or approvals, companies can conveniently process while letting off the extra capital involved. Here, the transactions are done securely, fetching the data through applications (which are operating from the cloud).

When we are talking about work, we can never forget about the major aspect which is skillsets! Anywhere-work is anywhere-talent. Companies can get the benefits from an unparalleled talent pool while the customers will have the benefits of varied skillsets.

Apart from giving employees the power to work from anywhere, it’s a major plus as it’s cutting down on investments and having lesser regular costs involved as well.

With Ease in Operations Anywhere comes a few Challenges

No doubt, remote working provided immense benefits but, does that mean it’s an easy thing to do? No really! With the convenience comes huge challenges, wherein the biggest holdback is investing in cloud-based services. However, even if a business has turned their operations digital, they are saving on infra but spending a whooping amount for data storage and security solutions.

Considering the difference, companies are still in a strong position, making out the best of digital possibilities. Another set of the challenge is more time for collaboration and managing employee productivity, though technology has a solution for this too!

We have tons of software to measure employee productivity very carefully, find out their working hours, surfed sites, and a lot of stuff for micro-management if required. For collaboration, it will surely require time as nothing can be compared to a physical presence and collaborating physically rather than virtual meetings and stuff like that.

Though most of the industries are well-equipped for the technology shift, some are still there lagging behind the competition. As to operate remote, one has to adopt the new ways of working successfully, require finding the right talent and experts, employees who understand the new strategy and can provide complete support throughout the journey.

Reinventing a new generation of Technology Business

From workspaces, to supply chains, to technology and everything in between, we have come through a long journey, and it does take a lot of effort. Businesses now are reinventing their paradigm and moving swiftly towards a more technology-oriented era!

Though the journey has just begun, the pandemic only accelerated the urge by making digital a necessity. Industries will witness major shifts including localized supply chains, implementing cloud technology almost everywhere, digital platforms even for the startups, and much more.

Currently, we have two scenarios, one is where we have widespread and accelerated digital transformation and the other is the industries still waiting for a breakthrough. To connect both, there’s a technology shift required to build the future. The world needs technology and it’s soon to become the only medium to extend the reach and find better possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Building a mobility initiative is a thought process and we’re sure to reach somewhere in the world of digital soon. The challenge demands new leadership and people who can handle it more wisely.

Find the right company to shape your ideas and digitize your business to the extent, paying you profits and growth. Let’s get started with our strategic technology trends and stay in line with the future demanding technology advancements.