Top Kentico 12 MVC Features You Must Be Aware Of

January 24, 2020

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Living in a modern digital era, we know for the fact that no business can be successful without having its online presence. Developing a customized website is one of the easiest ways to boost your brand presence and CMS plays a significant role in building and maintaining the website. The finest content management systems (CMS) are the ones that can deliver flexibility, efficiency and return on investment (ROI). If we talk about the enterprise CMS market, the Kentico development solution is one name that has gained huge attention over the years as the most suitable CMS option for mid-size and high-range companies.

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Released in late 2018, Kentico 12 MVC is one of the most modern and flexible CMS solutions that helps in saving time and money. It comes with more codebase flexibility, which means lesser time spent on bug fixings and development work. Let’s find out why you must upgrade your website to Kentico 12 MVC.

How Kentico 12 MVC is Known as One-In-All Solution for All?

Apart from the smooth approval workflows and development efficiencies, Kentico 12 MVC acts as a solution that benefits every team in a cross-functional organization. Here are some of the main functionalities that help different teams-

  • Marketing Professionals

Content creation and customization are becoming much easier with Kentico 12 MVC features i.e. drag and drop page building, segmented content personalization, Easier A/B testing setup, advanced SEO updates, etc.

  • Development Team

Website maintenance and QA testing are no longer a headache with Kentico features such as concerns separation, 24/7 Kentico support, quicker upgrades, fully controlled HTML output, advanced technology and more.

  • Decision Makers

Using a fully supportive and scalable platform like Kentico 12 MVC, ROI is increased resulting from better efficiency and independence among marketing teams, approval workflows, scalability & flexibility.

Key Highlights & Benefits of Kentico MVC

Whether you are looking for content development, template editing, lead tracking or personalization, Kentico has everything that you need! Don’t rely on the development and the design team to create a new page template, modify your current page layout and customize content for a specific user group.

MVC Interface

With the help of this interface, things are simplified like the page templates and the widgets within them are easy to drag and drop into place. Since the backend and frontend development of your widgets are done much ahead of time, the content marketing team gets all the assets along with the flexibility to build and edit anytime.

Inline Editors

Inline Editor is the feature in Kentico that makes it easy for content editors to configure widgets with just one click. Every widget in the Page Builder can be improved using an Inline Editor like changing the color of the widget. Any form of widget configuration can be done using inline editors. To match your widgets with perfectly customized inline editors, make sure that your developers discuss the needs with content writers.

Widget Limit

To ensure better usability along with the flexibility, developers can limit the widget selection for every editable area as per their requirements. This will make it easy for marketers and content editors to quickly select the right widgets for the section. Developers don’t need to put much effort since content editors will place only the suitable widgets inside the editable areas of the page, keeping HTML output intact.

Sections Creation

Apart from the selection of widgets, marketers may need greater control over the layout of the editable area into which they can place the selected widgets, especially while designing the landing pages. Kentico 12 comes with features that enable marketers to create sections, based on any layout type. Sections are useful when the marketing team needs to create one, two or more column layouts.

MVC Installer

By using MVC as the development model in Kentico 12, the installation of MVC-based projects is done easily. With the new feature of Kentico Installer, many things are automated and simplified that helps in installing and managing the Kentico MVC projects effortlessly. You can install the MVC sample site to learn Kentico 12’s MVC potential and know them better. Kentico also offers MVC documentation that can be a great help for those who are developing projects from scratch.

Simpler eCommerce API

Another great functionality for those eCommerce business owners who doesn’t have much time is Kentico 12’s support for eCommerce Business API. Using this simple API, the number of methods required for continuous eCommerce experience is reduced tremendously. As the methods are very easy to understand, lesser lines of code are required, which eventually results in quicker deployment with little effort and time. If you spend less time coding, you can focus on delivering a great online shopping experience to your customers.

Why You Must Upgrade to Kentico 12?

Kentico provides full support for the websites using the current versions i.e. Kentico 12 MVC sites & Kentico 12 Portal Engine sites along with troubleshooting support on previous versions like Kentico 10 & 11. However, Kentico has made it clear that Kentico 12 will be the last version that will support the Portal engine. This means that the limited troubleshooting support for Kentico 12 currently available will end in 2022.
By 2020 end, one cannot upgrade the site any further on Portal Engine, which is why continuing to update on an unsupported technology is not a good choice in the long run. It is advisable that you upgrade your website to MVC now if you are planning to redesign your site or add any new functionality soon.

Closing Statement

With the rapid technological innovation and evolving customer expectations, it is critical to engage your users using a flexible and reliable CMS. One doesn’t need a full website redesign for moving into an MVC site, but it needs some rebuild for backend and frontend. Make sure that you thoroughly understand the complexity of the site, desired functionalities, page templates, etc. before upgrading the CMS from Kentico Portal Engine to Kentico 12 MVC. Save your time and efforts while increasing your website ROI with Kentico 12 MVC capabilities. Talk to the experts of the top Kentico CMS development company and unlock the immense benefits!

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