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Top Mobile App Categories That Customers Value the Most during Pandemic

As the COVID-19 outbreak affects the whole world, everyone has been forced to stay home and practice self-isolation, home quarantine & social distancing. Due to stringent lockdowns, several small and medium businesses are suffering & some have even shut down their businesses for an unforeseen period. There is no doubt that many industries like manufacturing, travel, tourism, real estate, & more have got major economic breakdowns. However, the demand for mobile apps has increased tremendously during these tough times.

Apps are the only saviors during the lockdown as people cannot go outdoors & are forced to do things virtually. Most of the business sectors are turning their heads to on-demand delivery apps. Thanks to the reliable services provided by every Mobile App Development Company that has made our lives much easier under house arrest. In this blog, we will learn the top mobile app categories that customers rely on during lockdown.

List of App Categories That are Helping People Overcome Lockdown Blues

During these tough times, there are only certain mobile apps loved by people such as on-demand apps, grocery delivery, entertainment, online bill payment, etc. Businesses that have their digital presence are the ones that are reaping their benefits. Here are some of the major categories of mobile apps that can help you propel your business growth-

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  • eCommerce Apps

There was a high demand for eCommerce apps even before pandemic but the demand has increased tremendously as people are stuck at home & have to rely on online shopping for delivery of daily necessities. Whether its grocery delivery solutions or pharmacy store apps, people are using mobile apps more than before. If you want to be available for your customers, building apps is the best way to ensure that everything they need is delivered at home safely.

  • Entertainment Apps

Another app category that people value the most is the entertainment section, which enables them to keep away all the unnecessary stress & have a good time with family. Imagine staying home for so long without binge-watching your favorite series after work at Netflix or using social media apps. Entertainment solutions have become the only way to find joy even without physical interaction with your friends or loved ones.

  • Online Learning Apps

The pandemic has made us realize that students don’t need to go to schools or colleges to gain knowledge but they can learn quickly and more effectively through online educational apps. Most of the learning institutions are adopting digital platforms to help students grow & succeed in their career in the form of e-Learning apps. These apps enable students to get uninterrupted education anytime, anywhere through direct communication with teachers.

  • Health & Fitness Apps

Health is always the main concern for everyone who is house arrest & they are becoming more conscious of their health due to limited physical movements. Not just fitness freaks, most of the people are using fitness apps that have a personalized dashboard for each user to keep track of their health. Whether it’s a workout reminder or notifications to reach the target footsteps of the day, the fitness app development services are the future.

  • Remote Work Apps

Remote work culture has become the latest trend as we live in the COVID world. However, it is due to apps like Zoom cloud meetings, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other apps that have made work from home possible. Companies have unlocked a new workplace reality with work from home practices to maintain social distancing & ensure the safety of the workers. There is an app for everything, be it video conferencing, prompt messaging, web conferring & many more that help professionals in working seamlessly & delivering results on time.

Wrapping Up

We are aware of how critical it is for small and medium businesses to convert an innovative business idea into a feature-packed mobile app & make their businesses thrive during COVID. If you are planning to add a digital presence of your business, this is the best time as apps will not only provide a seamless experience but also help in reaching a larger customer base during these difficult times. Being a renowned iOS and Android app development company, we hold expertise in helping companies deliver an exceptional experience to their customers. Get in touch with our expert developers to get your idea executed & embrace immense benefits with exclusively designed apps.


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