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Top Mobile App Development Trends that will Rule in 2019

Smartphones were launched in 1994 and we haven’t ever thought they could be such an integral part of our daily schedules. From setting up an alarm to getting reminders over the upcoming tasks for the day, our smartphones are reliable and more than imperative! 

It’s the era where customers are quite more demanding over personalized usage rather than logging in each time they’re checking the websites. The crux is a personalized mobile application but, what’s there on the technology front? Are we continuing focusing on Artificial Intelligence and already trending technologies or moved a step further to advancements? Let’s explore what’s in store for 2019-

Technology Trends to look forward

Mobile apps are certainly a justifiable investment and undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for the entrepreneurs to expand their digital footprints. According to Statista, “Mobile Apps are anticipated to create more than 189 billion USD in revenues by 2020 through in-application advertising and App Store. 

  • AR, VR in full swing 

    AR sounds trendy enough but, it’s a lot more than that! Having immense usability, AR has been the biggest technology buzz for big businesses workforce training. The most recent example of the AR inflation is Apple’s demos on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, it’s clear proof that the technology is going to be the game of 2019 soon! No wonder you may find augmented reality app development cost to get upscale in the coming year! 

  • Conversational AI

    According to a report in Statista, the worldwide Chatbot market was said to be worth 190.8 million USD in the year 2016, while it is expected to grow up to 1250 million by 2025! Chatbots for websites have been trending since a year or two, benefitting the customer service industry tremendously. It is certainly a wise choice to attract a better customer base having an added benefit of integrating the chatbots for websites and mobile apps without any coding. 

  • Beacons Technology 

    Beacons are nothing new but, surely a potential rise in 2019! Generating buzz since 2013 when Apple first introduced iBeacon, the technology remained dormant for a while but, this year we may witness in a much more enhanced way! The technology initially was confined to the retailing industry, however, currently, there are a lot more horizons to be explored and worked upon! Being potential to be used for in airports quick check-in, mobile payments and even as personalized beacons, the technology has a lot in store. 

  • Wearable Apps and iOT

    As per CSS insights, the number of wearable devices is expected to reach 245 million units in 2019! Thanks to Apple for contributing hugely in the form of the smartwatch, the trend of wearable devices has been making rounds since long. While 2019 is expected to experience higher demand for smartwatches, fitness trackers and wearable headsets, the wearable apps industry is all set to boom this year! 

  • 5G is near future 

    2018 went in fixes and preparations for an expanded internet network, while we’re still using 4G services, 5G is no far! Expanding the potential outcomes of the current system, 5G will be 100 times quicker than 4G and the users will be getting their apps & data downloaded in seconds! With the tremendous advancements, application market will be experiencing an astounding upsurge. 
    5G will be a hit amongst the gaming industry providing better usability and giving rise to the trending applications including child monitoring, 3D gaming etc. 

  • Predictive Analytics influencing UI/UX

    While mobile apps are no more just a buzzword! They’ve surely became an integral part of our daily lives with immense utility and advancements. Few biggies including Facebook, Google and Apple have started implementing enhancements by employing AI to use predictive analytics for better UI/UX of their mobile applications. 2019 is all set to witness further advancements in the field of Analytics. 

  • App Security 

    With the most controversial incident of 2018 where Facebook accepted the security loopholes, cybersecurity has been the sensational discussion! Mobile app development can include errors which can turn to a threat in later stages. While 2018 was an alert year for the mobile app development community, 2019 is a potential year of improvement and enhancement in terms of app security. 

The trends will keep on advancing each year, gear up and get your feature-packed mobile app to attract a better customer base.

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