Top Reasons To Convert Your Custom Website Over Mobile Apps

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October 21, 2022

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When digitalization came, we were rushing toward website development to attract traffic and engage audiences.
Designing the best and most responsive website was an integral aspect of every business as digital marketing strategy. Today, the scenario is completely different when smartphones are changing the world.
We now have access to information at the touch of a screen with various mobile apps. People no longer need a desktop computer to explore your website as they are using smartphones to access information.
It is estimated that the mobile app market will reach around 613 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 and Android or iOS app delivers a better mobile-optimized interface to your customers.
With millions of mobile applications available to download, businesses must convert their existing website into intuitive, effective, and accessible mobile apps with the help of the best mobile app development services firm in NYC.
Let’s see why we should convert our custom websites into mobile apps.

Why Should You Convert Your Website into an App?

Converting your custom website into a mobile app has many benefits. If you are unable to convert smartphone users into leads, then it’s time to create a more user-friendly mobile experience to attract smartphone traffic.
You can easily convert your custom website into an Android or iOS app that brings a mobile-optimized interface to your customers.
Top mobile app development services company from New York helps you in converting your custom website into mobile apps that are most responsive on phones or tablets and easily engage the traffic.
Let’s have a quick look at the top factors that will encourage you to convert your site into a mobile app.

Deliver Personalized User Experience

Custom sites are unable to deliver a better user experience to smartphone users. This is because it does not adapt to the screen size of mobile devices.
Today, more than half of the web traffic comes from smartphones and various portable devices. The huge traffic of smartphone users is way higher than that of the website users.
Therefore, converting your website into a mobile app creates a real and long-lasting relationship with the customer and helps businesses to deliver a personalized user experience to the modern customers’ expectations.

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Ease of Access

Providing ease of access to the users is a way to engage them with instant content. With a mobile app, it is much easier to engage your audience than it is to open a website in a separate browser application.
Mobile users spend 83% of their time in apps when compared to web browsers. Smartphone users can access your content, product, and services in an instant by touching the mobile app icon on the screen as compared to accessing data on the web.
Thus, mobile apps help you in building a relationship between your brand and the users.

Build More Loyal Customers

It is easy to keep a high retention rate by providing outstanding user experience and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and engagement.
Top Android and iOS iPhone app development company helps you in converting your custom website into mobile apps that deliver an intimate and enclosed experience on the mobile device.
This way it ensures customer loyalty as well as engaging them with your product and services. Loyalty programs for the customers are a fantastic idea to engage your customers and keep them loyal to the brands.

Instant Push Notifications To The Audiences

Push notification is a way to engage your audiences. It helps businesses to share notifications to the app user with the latest offers, new launches, and much more that remind users and boost engagement.
These notifications easily catch the eyes of the customers as they appear at the top of the lock screen.
Today, push notifications are considered more effective than Email marketing as the user’s opt-in rate is almost 70% as users see your messages as soon as they check their phone.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Having customers’ reports, their behavior, likes, dislikes, and other analytics helps you in running a profitable business in today’s competitive environment.
Converting your custom site into a mobile app with the help of a top Android and iOS iPhone app development company from New York can be a trustworthy and useful source of user data.
Collecting daily, weekly, and monthly users’ data helps you in analyzing the weakness and strengths of your business.

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Offline Mode

Custom websites can be accessed with a valid internet connection while mobile apps can be accessed even without an internet connection.
Offline mode is an essential feature that allows users to access your content even without an internet connection.
It helps when users are traveling and lose internet connection then they can access your content on the mobile apps even with a weak connection.
Thus, it helps you in targeting users with weak or no internet connection.

Multi-Touch Features and Integration

The best web app development company helps you in delivering a better experience to the users through features like – multi-touch.
It includes gestures like – swiping, pinching, and more that you can use to interact with an app. This helps the users in getting a more personalized, engaging, and habitual experience while accessing the mobile apps.
Integrating various features into your mobile apps enhances the customer experience while accessing the app.
Customers can integrate their phone contacts, camera, GPS, and other smartphone features to make it more enjoyable and immersive than a custom website.


Customer behavior is changing, and custom websites are losing their importance against mobile apps.
Mobile apps offer you numerous benefits and you can convert your website into an engaging mobile app and create a better on-the-go experience for your customer base who are searching for your brand on their smartphone or tablet.
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