How Mobile Apps Track and Monitor Your Heart Rate?

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October 27, 2022

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In today’s digital world, smartphones and mobile apps are capable of doing much more than we had imagined. Advancement in mobile and digital technologies has allowed people to access real-time health information in the palms of their hands.
Innovations and development in mobile apps using technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have brought these apps already too far.
Health and fitness app development solution companies help you with app development trends that you will come across in the present market including heart rate monitoring apps.
You might have a smartwatch or fitness tracker to measure your heart rate to get a better understanding of your health.
But smartphones can also measure your heart rate, step count, sleep tracking, etc. These apps are also used in the healthcare industry to track and generate data related to your heart.
In this article, we will discuss how mobile apps are being used for measuring the heart rate of people and how they maintain their fitness routine, or in special medical conditions that can save lives.

How Mobile Apps Measure Heart Rate?

It has never been easier to measure the heart rate through the smartphone. Many mobile apps that leverage your smartphone camera to measure the heart rate without any kind of strap or another accessory.
Most fitness wearables, heart rate trackers, and smartwatches use mobile apps on your smartphones to measure your heart rate by detecting changes in blood volume.
This practice of measuring heart rate is also called “photoplethysmography”. This act as – every time your heart beats it pumps up the blood and after that, it reaches the capillaries in your fingers and face which swell and then recedes simultaneously.
Smartphones measure the flow of blood by using the flash of your phone’s camera to illuminate the skin and create a reflection when the blood cell absorbs light.

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How Smart Watches Measure Heart Rate?

You might have noticed that the smartwatch has green and red lights placed on the back side of the watch. When we place a smartwatch on the wrist, our blood cells absorb green light and reflect red light.
Flashes of green light against the wrist are measured by the sensor that measures how much green light bounces back and the reading can be seen on the screen.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Not all apps are created equally. Heart rate tracking apps don’t need to be complicated because a simple heart rate tracking mobile app can be easily installed on smartphones that are always with you and provides all-day heart rate monitoring.
Measuring great heart rate data is one thing and a heart rate tracking app makes it simple. You can see your heart rate over the day laid out clearly, then view and compare your data over weeks, months, and years giving your insight.
The Best custom healthcare mobile app development services company helps you in building health patterns included in exercise records.

How Accurate Are Heart Rate Monitoring Apps?

There are various heart-rate monitoring apps available on the iOS and Android marketplace. Measuring the effectiveness of the heart rate depends on and varies with the apps.
According to research, it is estimated that heart rate readings generated by different mobile apps show a deflection of less than or equal to 20%.
Most of the heart rate apps don’t consistently perform as clinical-grade equipment isn’t too surprising but when we compare mobile apps with photoplethysmography then it shows a deflection of an average of 20% of measurement.

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The Best custom healthcare mobile app development services company from the USA helps you in building heart rate monitoring apps that are more accurate and measure your heart rate instantly by asking you to touch your finger to your smartphone’s built-in camera.
Let’s see some of the popular heart rate monitoring apps that are available on Android and iOS platforms.

1. Instant Heart Rate

With 35 million users globally, Instant Heart Rate is available for iOS, Android, and Windows users.
This one is the best heart rate monitoring app that checks heart rate through the camera and provides you with wave charts to showcase your heartbeats.
Instant heart rate monitor app comes from $9.99 per month to $59.99 per year subscription fees.

2. Cormeum

Cormeum is designed to keep track of the heart’s health and aims to target health-failure issues. It monitors heart rate and prepares a graph on the mobile device to provide important alerts to people.
It keeps all your records of medications and allows you to share your health data with any expert you want.

3. Cardiogram

If you work out daily, then cardiogram helps you by providing in-depth workout data that you can analyze anytime on your smartphone.
It also helps you in measuring the heart rate through the iPhones and Android smartphones to keep your daily wellness on track.

4. Cardiio

Cardiio is a free-to-use heart rate monitoring mobile app for users. It measures your heart rate in almost 15 seconds for the users.
It comes with a built-in alert on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can set reminders based on the preferences to take your pulse.


Mobile apps are a blessing for people. But overreliance on technology and self-diagnoses can be dangerous for them.
Today’s mobile apps are smarter and show the right information related to your health and can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, etc.
Clavax is an Android and iOS mobile app development company that helps you in building heart rate monitoring apps with a great user interface that works using a camera flash to monitor the heart rate for the audiences.

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