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We are an award-winning mobile app development company in Florida offering a flexible delivery model
that helps us to deliver intuitive mobile applications at a cost-effective price. Backed with a certified team of developers in Florida,
we develop high-quality mobile app solutions that ensure business growth at scale.


Engaging and Interactive Android App Development 

Android dominates 86% of the market share which means every 8 out of 10 mobile users are on Android OS. Android app development has gained immense popularity thus, it is one of the fastest operating systems among smartphone devices. Following the best-in-class Android architectural standards, our application developers in Florida build incredible android solutions for almost all platforms including tablets, Android TV, and Android smartphones, wearables, etc.

Being one of the leading mobile application development company in Florida, we offer end-to-end android app development services using the latest development strategies and proven methodologies for SMEs or big-scale companies. Our android app developers have experience and technological expertise in various programming languages including Kotlin, C, C++, Python, etc. Keeping an eye at every stage of our design and development process, we optimize Android apps for high value, easy navigation, and superior quality. We develop tailor-made android apps backed effectively with state-of-the-art UI and feature-rich functionality. Irrespective of the screen type and resolution, we possess comprehensive technology expertise that helps us to deliver remarkable apps, matching every client’s business requirements. 


Take User Experience to a Whole New Level 

Besides having an elite consumer base, iPhone app development services empower your business successfully in the international marketplace. Being a top-notch iOS app development company in Florida we build iPhone applications that provides an excellent user experience. Our iPhone app developers use advanced technologies and latest frameworks which enhances business productivity and ROI. Every iOS app is thoughtfully designed thus, it functions seamlessly on every device.

At Clavax, we follow a holistic approach to ideate and develop every aspect of the app before its launch. From intricate designs of the app icon to minimalist layout, our iOS app developers Florida deliver exceptional digital experiences to the end-users. Our high-quality iOS solutions make every element on the screen easier on the user’s eyes and are seamlessly integrated throughout the system. Irrespective of your business type, we have built iOS apps for almost every industry domain enabling clients to beat the competition in their niche market. Understanding current trends of iOS application development Florida, we develop user-centric apps that are loved and embraced by millions of users. 


Grow User Engagement with Progressive Web App Development 

Progressive web apps bridge the gap between mobile and web applications. Offering native app-like experience, PWAs include several benefits of a web app. We have experience and expertise in providing PWA development services to diverse industry verticals, including e-commerce, social media, and gaming apps. Our certified UI/UX developers deliver easy to navigate apps that are swift, immersive, and 3X time faster than other apps.

Following the agile app development process, we build top-notch progressive web applications that bring unparalleled conversion rates for your business. Our PWA development services Florida allow users to work in offline mode, making the app more scalable & reliable. We embed the best-in-class and advanced features while developing PWAs thus, work seamlessly on any device. Leveraging the capabilities of the right tools, we build robust progressive web applications Florida that works flawlessly in conditions like low network connectivity. Hire expert PWA developers to get a perfect blend of mobile browsers and native apps. 


Get Immersive User Experience with AR-VR App Development

AR and VR are immensely popular technologies that allow your customers to view real-time objects or the environment in an enhanced way. Both technologies have an unmatched potential for creating remarkable experiences across web and mobile. It comes with no surprise that many Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and even startups are looking forward to investing in this trending technology for mobile, tablet, website, and wearable applications. 

At Clavax, we create immersive and advanced augmented and virtual reality apps for diverse business requirements. Our AR-VR app developers Florida develop customized AR-VR solutions that cater to unique business requirements. Leveraging the powerful features of the technologies, we offer interactive walkthroughs, live product demos, virtual presentations, and more. Besides developing amazing gaming experiences, our AR-VR app development company offers impactful marketing collaterals that enhance user experiences and add value to the business. 


End-to-End Hybrid App Development Company 

Hybrid apps combine the characteristics of web-based and native applications. It is a cost-effective way to provide compatibility across different platforms. The hybrid apps are indistinguishable from one native app for its users as it can be downloaded on both the App Store and Google Play Store. On the developer’s side, instead of having developers recode the app from scratch every time, they are writing the code in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript thus gives them the ability to reuse it across multiple operating systems.

We are a trusted hybrid app development company Florida that possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in different hybrid app development frameworks thus, offer solutions that meet the diverse needs of the clients, seamlessly. Our feature-rich and intuitive hybrid apps help reach a wider audience and drive maximum ROI for your business. Our hybrid app developers Florida leverage the capabilities of all the latest mobile platforms to build an innovative cross-channel mobility solution. If you are looking forward to simpler code management and lesser maintenance requirements, mitigate your apps from other technologies to a hybrid app framework. 

Industries in Which We Serve Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Discover how Clavax’s breakthrough mobility solutions are revolutionizing industries with efficient ways to do business.
Leverage the power of our robust platform and decade-long development expertise to create smart mobile app solutions for your enterprise.


Enable the power of the latest technology trends for education services to impart personalized learning experience to students. We embrace mobile technology for education to maximize operational efficiency throughout the system. 


Bridge the gap between healthcare service providers and patients. With our innovative approach and state-of-the-art infrastructure, we make healthcare accessible to everyone. We offer next-gen UI/UX for your medical healthcare apps to boost customer experience and reach a new audience. 

Real Estate

Clavax offers exceptional real estate software solutions to streamline residential, valuation, commercial and other real estate services. Our responsive mobile apps help real estate professionals to generate leads and enhance ROI, seamlessly. 

Banking & Finance

We provide end-to-end financial solutions for the modern era. Tap into our banking and financial software development expertise to take full advantage of what digital has to offer, like better customer insight, reduced cost base, increased profitability. 


Improve operational efficiencies in your supply chain and create personalized vehicle experiences with smart development services. Embrace transformative technologies to help manufacturers improve innovation, efficiency, and quality.


To meet the demands of new-age digital consumers, we are helping different media companies to deliver rich media content across the world. We deliver intuitive UI/UX and multiscreen solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 


Our logistics management solution provides a plethora of benefits for your fleet system. Our custom-based services help in real-time tracking, validate route status, optimize processes to enhance the overall efficiency of your fleet management system. 


Being a top-notch mobile app development company Florida, we offer scalable, robust, and intuitive mobile app solutions for the sports industry. We include various features like live-streaming video, real-time analytics, event booking facility, and live score game highlights, and much more. 

What Makes Our Services


We are a top-notch mobile app development agency in Florida having industry expertise and digital know-how in building transformative and feature-packed mobile apps across various industries. We follow innovative strategies to drive real business value and create a better product for tomorrow.

    • Expert Collaboration
    • Custom-made Solutions
    • Better Business Efficiency
    • Transparent Pricing
    • Diverse Portfolio

Streamlined App Development Process

Requirement Gathering

To understand the client’s requirements thoroughly, our team of experts gather all the information and analyze different factors that have an influential impact on development time and cost. 

UX/UI Design

Good design has great importance, which is why our team make it interactive and maintain uniformity throughout, without hampering the speed of the mobile app. 


After analyzing the system architecture plans, we develop high-performance prototypes that are validated by the end-users to get outstanding results. 

Quality Assurance

We assure that the project undergoes quality tests to meet strict QA standards supported by advanced testing tools and technologies. 


Our deployment team deploys every project on locally-hosted servers to check its stability and usability in various platforms. Any bugs are fixed as per the requirements of the clients. 


Even when the project is delivered, we offer regular maintenance support to the client’s applications. It ensures the applications always remain updated as per evolving needs. 

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Clavax offers a strong team of mobile app developers Florida who are skilled and experienced in developing across several platforms, including iOS and Android. With an unparalleled understanding of the mobile app development processes, our developers offer robust and comprehensive mobile applications that are well-suited for your businesses. 

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Mobile App Development Company in Florida
How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

When it comes to mobile app development, the average cost depends on several factors like app design, complexity, outsourcing region, platforms, features, etc. If you want to transform your idea into success, you probably should hire the right mobile app development company that helps brands to achieve outstanding business outcomes.  

Being a pioneer mobile app development company Florida, we have a huge clientele offering best-in-class mobile app solutions across the globe. Either you need a native, hybrid, or cross-platform app, we have a certified team of developers who can build mobile apps with remarkable user experience. To ease the process, we also provide a reliable app cost calculator that helps you figure out an estimated budget of your app idea in advance. All you need to select the desired features of your app and you can get an approximate cost of your app within minutes. 

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