Trends that will Transform the Future of Food Delivery in 2020

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April 16, 2020

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According to a survey conducted in 2019 among the restaurants which have opted for app-based online delivery apps, “the majority of restaurants said that people nowadays are showing little interest in coming to restaurants and prefer online delivery most of the time.” A similar attitude resulted in increase in sales, reported by 60% of the restaurants in the league.

Currently, the global food ordering and delivery market is valued at $95 billion and is expected to grow further at a CAGR of 9.8% by 2026. The rapid industry growth can be attributed to the following factors, including-

  • Elevating the purchasing power of the global middle-class population
  • Varied choice of multiple cuisines
  • Regular hectic schedules, leaving people with little or no time to cook
  • Strong marketing initiatives by the leading brands in the online food delivery industry

What’s trending in the Food Ordering and Delivery Business?

There has been a lot going on in the food ordering and delivery business which has attracted interests of startups and mid-sized firms for trying their business abilities. Though every business owners firming their feet must know what’s trending and plan their strategies likewise-

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  • Millennials are more active users online

In comparison to any other generations, millennials spend the highest percentage of their earned income on prepared food or opt for eating food outside. This fact makes them one of the most imperative demographic in online and food ordering & delivery business.

Well, the major reason why millennials are inclined towards ordering food is their hectic schedules and fast-paced lifestyle which makes these services more important. As per Technomic’s Generational report 3 out of 5 instances, millennials either place orders on food ordering and delivery app or visit restaurants for takeaway option.

Currently, millennials can be classified as the only generation with highest paying capacity. The major aspect grabbing the millennial’s attention is swift and convenient services where they can order food effortlessly, make quick checkout and get instant delivery for their ordered food.

Having an app for your business could be the best possible benefit to have a better customer base and grab the attention of millennials, letting them have trust in a particular brand, promoting more orders and faster delivery options.

  • Innovative Delivery Channels

It’s not just an app-based delivery which is quite a trend in today’s world, but the other mediums to order food online without even having a mobile app or making calls to order food. Experimenting delivery options is the next big thing revolutionizing the food ordering and delivery industry.

  • Ordering through Tweets

Social media is multiplying values and is used and accessible for a humungous number of audiences. Its user base itself brings opportunities to target large audience. Letting customers order through social media channels including Twitter and Facebook is the newest thing trending.

Dominos was the first to introduce “order by tweet” and it did work wonders for the marketing capabilities.

  • Order by Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are another top trend in the industry which is leading to another set of opportunities for the companies, having fewer responsibilities on their working staff and relying more on technology. GrubHub works with Amazon’s virtual assistant – Alexa.

Wherein the customers can place orders through voice commands and access information regarding their previous orders too! Alexa is a pro as it can reply back to customers updating them with instructions and announcements of estimated delivery time.

  • Order through Smartwatches

Right after smartwatches and other competitors boomed the market with their technology-enriched approach. Again Dominos launched their first-ever smartwatch app for android watches. Their app was a huge success as it simplified the ordering drastically. These applications are now taken over and implemented by several brands, letting customers orders quickly and easily through wearable devices.

  • Orders through Smart TVs

Smart TVs are revolutionary! Customers can quickly place food orders right from the big screens at home. For instance, Papa John’s, customers can use Apple TV to bring up the entire menu, customize a pizza, view their favorites, order history and check out the same information from their mobile application.

  • Modern Delivery Options

Everything in the world can further be improved in one or the other wayouts, so does the food delivery industry. There is always a rom to optimize delivery process both in terms of speed and cost. The following are the modern delivery options to opt for a smart & customer centric delivery.

  • Delivery through Robots

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the technologies which have entirely influenced the way we used to treat food delivery options. We now access self-driving cars and robots can be the next big thing in the universe setting examples on another level. In the UK, JustEast and Starship Technologies have already developed moving pavement droids to deliver food to their customers.

  • Delivery through Drones

Drones are the future of food delivery. They were first used to deliver tacos in the San Francisco area using a taco copter, back in 2012. Even Domino’s tried their hand in the same, where they completed a trial with drones in 2016 when it delivered two pizzas to a New Zealand couple in less than 5 minutes.

  • Upcoming Trends

Having different kinds of restaurants on online food ordering and delivery platform was the classic way of having greater footfalls and batter profit margins. However, there are various other platforms who cater to the vendors for a specific niche. For instance, Food Nerd, MamaSezza and VegReady feature vegan restaurants.

It’s time to level up for the online food and delivery business. With the increasing technology and hard-hitting competition, the customers require tastiest, freshest and best-priced food items to have their cravings on place. Get on with an online food delivery app development company or an online grocery app development company to find out the best developers for the next trend adaptation. Also, calculate delivery app price on a single click and get going instantly!