Your Secret Guide to E-commerce Loyalty

July 15, 2016

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The e-commerce market is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to a report by Statista, the B2C e-commerce sales are predicted to reach the mark of 1.5 trillion dollars(USD) by the year 2018. This high growth testifies the fact that businesses are entering e-commerce field at rate faster than ever before.

Entering into the industry is easier than staying in it for long time and constantly evolving.

But the main factor here that contributes in the success of the e-commerce business is nothing other than the customers. Here, retaining customers play an equally important role. But retaining them is not always a cake walk.

No need to worry. We’ve got your back!

In this blog, we’ll highlight the factors that should be kept in mind while developing an e-commerce loyalty program:

Brand message

It is necessary for the success of your first online e-commerce store to create a brand image that is strong, reliable and consistent in every aspect. That is why all the artwork, letters, and logos should be same across the website and other platforms of social media. The reason being, potential customers should be able to get the same brand message on every platform.

Get Social

Social media is a tool which holds the potential to build and devastate your online reputation, so use it wisely. What you need to remember here is posting less on social media is more beneficial than vice versa. It is often advantageous to create posts that provide value to the customer and is of great interest to them.

Loyalty via Offers

Any ecommerce web development company would lay emphasis on initiating special offers, competition, webinars and so forth. What is suggested here is launching offers according to different seasons or acquiring points after referring the brand to friends.

To conclude, retaining customers is as importance as acquiring ones. That’s why it is necessary to implement the loyalty solutions for customers that would help you uplift your business to a whole new level!


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