A Fun and Easy Way to Memorize Study Material


The main motive to develop Wememba is to help students in memorizing their syllabus quickly and easily. Whether learning lines for speeches,
poems, presentations, or essays, the mobile application aims to memorize everything by heart in a smart, fun, and efficient way.


icon Challenges

Memorizing lessons can be difficult for students. To make the learning process simpler, the client wanted to build an interactive memorizing app that let students learn faster, stress less, and study anywhere.
With numerous competitors in the market, one of the main goals of the client is to make a user-friendly and unique app that becomes a favorite memorization tool for users. The client wanted to use custom sized boxes of different colors to hide the text in the images and every image should be saved as a Wememboard. One of the major challenges is to share and open the Wememboard with similar hidden texts, despite the changing resolutions of the device. Another challenging task was to ensure that the app does not face any performance challenges during image processing.

icon Solutions

Clavax successfully developed the app for iOS and Android which enable students to verify their knowledge and practice like a pro. The app comes with custom camera in-built functionality that lets users take up to 9 images and create 10 Wememboards, making memorizing easy and efficient. A Wememboard is created using hidden boxes of different colors and blurring out the important text from the image. Users can tap on the word to get a cue or hold anywhere on the screen to unhide the hidden text. It is a powerful app that allows students to make custom quizzes of their notes and share with friends to study better, together.

Also, for effective management of data, the app comes with the Admin Panel. It helps the administrator to stay informed with all the key information of the users thus enable him to make data-driven decisions every day.

  • Performance Optimization – The Image size is compressed to 100 KB – 200 KB, helping users to upload and access images without affecting the app response times.
  • Multilingual Application – To reach out to mass audiences, the app comes in three languages which are Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), and English.
  • In-App Purchases – With in-app purchases feature, a user can get access to unlimited Wememboards and block all advertisements, which could be a distraction to the learning experience.
  • Multiple Device Support – By utilizing a custom library of APIs, every wememboard gets delivered in the exact layout irrespective of the devices used.
  • Create & Share Wememboards – User can create and share Wememboards with other friends via social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, or Google Hangouts.
  • One-Tap Login – Besides a simple registration process, the app comes with QR code functionality. It enables users to login in multiple devices without entering passwords every time.

Technology Stack

The Clavax team has used the latest frontend and backend technologies for the development of the Wememba app. Some of them are listed as follows:



The Wememba app comes with proven scientific memorization enhancement methods which help
students to significantly improve their study results.


10,000+ Downloads
in First Quarter


4+ Ranking Achieved for
both Android and iOS app


3000+ Leads Generated
Every Month

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