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Unlock Innovation with Custom Business Software Solutions

Custom software development aims at narrowly designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software solutions as per the specific set of user requirements.
We specialize in developing customized software development services that maximize return on investment and streamline business operations.

Real Estate
Loyalty Program
Supply Chain Management
Real Estate

Bridge the Gap between Users and Real Estate through Technology
With the expansion of the economy, the demand for real estate software development services in California is growing. Several tasks are carried out in the real estate industry like showcasing properties, tracking different locations, manage date inventories, buying/selling/leasing properties, and getting investors on board. Thus, with the use of technology, you can improve communication and reduce friction for the real estate business.

We offer reliable real estate custom software solutions California to showcase your properties and connect with prospective buyers while synchronizing your offline business data with online actions. It increases the profitability of your real estate business. Whether you are a leading real estate organization or a startup, leverage our software development expertise to develop an innovative real estate application that takes property buying experience to the next level. Our custom real estate solutions have a plethora of features like 360 virtual-view of property, property location advanced search, data-driven real estate insights, AI-based real estate software, automated valuation models, etc. We have skilled real estate developers who can guide you throughout the software development process to make it more efficient.


Enhance Your Customer Experience with Restaurant Software Solutions
Need a customized restaurant software solution? With decade-long experience we have built feature-packed software for many restaurant businesses, enabling them to manage everything online. Our restaurant software developers do unwavering research when it comes to building an appropriate restaurant management system for your business.

New age restaurant solution California redefines restaurant operations. Smart and simplified features in your restaurant solution help you maximize operational efficiency. Leveraging the power of technological capabilities, we help diverse restaurants to succeed in an ever-competitive environment. Ready to accelerate your restaurant business? Talk to our experts and together build custom-made software development solutions that bring remarkable outcomes for your business. Regardless of the device type, our solutions work seamlessly across multiple devices and screen sizes. 

Loyalty Program

Rewards made easy with Loyalty Software Solutions
A customer loyalty platform provides discounts, offers, points, coupons, and other rewards for customers to increase brand loyalty and boost sales. We offer custom loyalty software development solutions including the development of mobile and web loyalty apps, helping companies to become more successful in a short time. Our tailor-made loyalty software solutions are packed with several features thus, build stronger relationships with customers.

Using the best of technologies, we allow you to create a customer-centric loyalty program that enhances interaction and boosts the market value of your business. Our custom loyalty platform offers loyalty in various forms like point-based, event-based, cashback, purchase promotions, and gift cards. Implementing the right kind of loyalty solution ensures customer engagement and generates higher traffic. From high-quality code to great technology stack, our loyalty platform developers build 100% customizable solutions that are easy-to-install, intuitive and match your business requirements.

Supply Chain Management

Comprehensive and Flexible Supply Chain management Solutions
The supply chain management industry is evolving at an exceptional rate. In cut-throat competition, you need to adapt changing technology trends to differentiate your brand while streaming business operations of production, distribution, and sales. Custom fleet management software allows organizations to maintain the supply chain network effectively. A well-organized software solution is a smart way of automating logistics and minimizing overall costs.

We have a skilled development team who have significant experience in developing custom logistics and enhanced supply chain solutions. Following a holistic and agile development approach, we build a custom software solution that enhances delivery capacity and automates procurement management. We provide end-to-end supply chain management software development consultation, enabling you to integrate features like warehouse management, cloud-based inventory tracking, and real-time reporting dashboards. We focus on developing custom software solutions to streamline the traditional supply chain, transportation, and warehouse management process.

Reliable Custom Software Development Services

We provide custom software application development services California that incorporate an extensive range of technologies and follow industry-standard practices. Our software development team takes the effort to understand your business requirements and provide solutions that will add value to your business.

Enterprise Software Development

Need a powerful software foundation for your business? Leverage our decade-long expertise in enterprise software development services, API integration, modernizing legacy systems, and consolidating app portfolios.

Custom Web Application Development

Our custom web development is an ideal solution to build custom business web applications that cater to your unique business needs. With a transparent delivery process and flexible approach, we deliver custom software projects to all types of businesses, from startups to enterprises.

Tailor-Made Mobile App Development

Our custom mobile app development solutions California combine strong mobile architecture with advanced technologies thus builds mobile apps that run effortlessly on any device.  

Big Data Software Development

You build data, we have software to manage it. Our proven approach ensures high-quality solutions for BI reporting, platform migration projects, etc. With our right big data tools, your agency can store, manage, and update data to gain valuable data-driven insights.

Our Custom Software Development Solutions bring you closer to your


We are a top-notch software development services firm in California having extensive experience and digital know-how to build feature-packed software solutions for various industries. We ensure that our services maximize your ROI and improve your business operations seamlessly.

    • Expert Collaboration
    • Custom-made Solutions
    • Better Business Efficiency
    • Transparent Pricing
    • Diverse Portfolio

Our Software Development Process

Gather Requirements

Requirement gathering is a foremost and crucial phase of the software development lifecycle. To deliver quality software, our software developers spend ample time in this phase and pull out the maximum details of the project.

Software Analysis 

After requirement gathering, our development team draws the project timeline and scope. In this phase, we also freeze the functionalities which will be designed and developed during the project lifecycle.

Design Architecture

Considering the technical requirements, we design the architecture of the software. The overall design of software covers both system architecture and database design.

Wireframing & Prototyping

After the designing phase, our development team starts with the coding of the end product. Besides coding, the developers perform module testing in this phase which helps us to detect potential bugs in the early development phase.


The team performs thorough testing of all software modules before its release which ensures your end-product meets international quality assurance standards supported by modern technologies.

Deployment and Maintenance 

Our software developers California ensure every project is deployed on locally-hosted servers, enabling stability and usability of your software on various platforms.

Get Dedicated Custom Software Developers On-Board Now!

At Clavax, we offer leading custom software development team for building applications for web, mobile, and desktop. No matter what type of software you need, our competent developers leave no stone unturned in delivering remarkable results as per the client’s requirements.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Custom Software

Custom software development means building solutions that meet specific company needs. Ready to build for your organization? While investing in custom software development solutions, you must do thorough research to achieve the best possible outcomes. An approximate budget for building a custom software solution lies between $50,000 to $5,000,000.

Our custom software development services California helps organizations to optimize operations that are often difficult to handle when performed manually. When it comes to custom software development, organizations can save big on operational expenses because it offers immediate integration and is designed to solve particular problems of the specific company. We deliver bespoke software development solutions that make a difference to your business operations and boost return on investment.

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