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It's time for Web to take back the Lead

By combining both web and mobile world proficiencies, we build superfast PWAs which work reliably in every condition, including poor network.
Choosing us as your progressive web app development company, we offer custom-built solutions and flexible hiring models
to meet the diverse needs of every industry and domain.

PWA Progress
  • Responsive PWA Design

    A perfect-fit for multiple browsers and devices:
    desktop, mobile, or tablet

  • Custom PWA Development

    Custom progressive applications with smooth UI,
    fast animations, and native-like feel

  • Application Migration to PWA

    Turn your solution for secure user experience,
    better usability, and offline access

  • PWA Maintenance & Support

    With a dedicated support team, we tackle every
    issue that affect system functionality

Top-Notch PWA App Development Company

For a Shift in User Expectations

Offering responsive experience across all devices, PWAs unlock the potential of modern features to meet user expectations while minimizing
development and maintenance costs. We are a dedicated progressive web app development company that helps
in providing the best and intuitive web apps which suits your business requirements.

  • URL base app
  • Add to Home Screen
  • URL base app
  • Features of Native Apps
  • Real-time data updates
  • Supports Beacon & AR
  • URL base app
  • Faster Loading, Better SEO
pwa development

Characteristics of

PWA Characteristics




Need Expert Help in Every Phase of the

PWA App Development Lifecycle?

We help you tackle your biggest business challenges with tailor-made progressive web app services. Our progressive web app developers follow the best development practices and strict security guidelines to test every aspect of your app including performance and accessibility before its launch.

Why We Are Best as a

Progressive Web App Development Company

At Clavax, we have a dynamic and robust development team of PWA developers who have been developing reliable PWA solutions, since the launch of this cutting-edge technology. Being a leading progressive app development company, our team uses the latest code practices and innovates with modern programming languages like JSON, to create custom PWAs. Our expert PWA developers perform rigorous testing of apps before its launch to ensure every app offers a bug-free user experience.

How Our Progressive Web App Developers Do Things Differently

  • Outstanding Design & User Experience

    With our customer-centric approach, we aim at delivering progressive web applications that easy-to-use & install and have an exceptional user interface.

  • Reliable PWA Development

    We provide scalable PWA development solutions depending on proven techniques and vast experience.

  • Industry-Proven Approach

    Following agile app development methodology and strategic approach, we guarantee to deliver PWAs beyond your expectations and in quick turnaround time

PWA Development

Ideal Process of

PWA Development

Understand and Analyze
Business Requirements
Wireframing with PWA
Data Flow Architecture
Build PWA’s
User Experience Design
Project Management and
Code Engineering
Deployment and
Successful Launch
in the Market
Maintenance and

Fast, Beautiful

Progressive Web Apps

Being a reliable PWA development company, we deliver user-centric designs, engaging user experiences, and scalable PWA solutions with systematic quality assurance.

  • Build with common web skills: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • The progressive web app takes advantage of the mobile app’s characteristics, resulting in better performance
  • PWAs require your website to use HTTPs, a valid web manifest file, and registered service worker
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, an Android app or PWA for a startup?

A PWA is a better option for start-ups as they can enjoy the best of the web, Android, and iOS with no additional cost and effort.

Can you put a PWA (progressive web app) onto the Google Play store/app store?

No. A progressive web application is not submitted to Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. They are shared or installed via a link.

What is the rough cost of creating a progressive web app?

The average cost to build a simple PWA is US$ 10,000. However, the price may increase and go up to US$ 60,000 if the complexity increases. You can also use the app calculator tool to figure out rough estimates about your business idea within 15 minutes.

Does PWA run on all browsers?

Yes, a PWA runs seamlessly on all browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Why choose our progressive web app development services?

With decade-long experience, we have become a top-notch progressive web app development company that offers smooth performance and renders a native alike experience. In addition, our PWA app developers believe in developing future-ready solutions for maximum utility with minimal fuss.

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