Can Mobile Apps Help Us Fighting the Pandemic?

September 10, 2020

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Mobile Apps have been the most trending topic lately but what may amaze you all is the fact that mobile applications are aiding the pandemic woes in the COVID 19 era, helping one and all to not just survive but fulfill regular requirements without even stepping out. While all industries are trying to combat the pandemic, Mobile Application Development plays a crucial part in fighting the pandemic by making use of the latest technologies.

Rise of Mobile Apps

With the obvious reasons, we’re unable to step out, make the regular activities going along and all we require to have at this time is ample knowledge to deal with the situation and the right information regarding the causes, symptoms and preventive measures, etc. So, how can we find the best way out to get information, fulfill the regular needs, and get treated without stepping out? Here’s where technology-powered mobile apps come into action. In the growing need for convenient and handy mobile apps, industries are taking their business digital and healthcare, with the introduction of mHealth and telemedicine is amongst the top industries letting people stay connected with their regular necessities.

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Ideas for Mobile Apps during Pandemic

In tough times, where everything else seems to take a halt, healthcare cannot have a free space. Apps here, play a pivotal role in aiding people and standing up against the next healthcare emergency in the world. Here are the most required applications in the Pandemic era which not just assist today but are the future centric developments that are hard to delay!

Awareness Apps

None of us can deny the fact that today, we majorly require information, and what’s better than a pandemic awareness application providing all the necessary information about the symptoms, causes, preventive steps, and the nearest COVID 19 testing centers. While on the contrary, if no information is available to the users, the situation might worsen and flame its effects altogether. An awareness app must have the following features to stay equipped-

  • Detailed information in the simplest possible language
  • List of symptoms which can be the warning signs
  • Preventive measures to be taken
  • How can you get diagnosed earlier possible?
  • Details of the nearest healthcare/testing centers
  • Pandemic helpline contact numbers

Self-Analysis App

When knowing the symptoms doesn’t feel enough, there must be something for self-check! A symptom analysis application provides people the comfortability to keep a check on themselves or their families with the help of self-assessment options, treatment possibilities, and everything related to knowing if they really require to check with a medical practitioner. Here are a few useful features that these must include-

  • A rapid questionnaire with an instant result to know if a person is at risk
  • Self-assessment options to ensure safety
  • Quick contact options for the nearest healthcare centers or immediate medical assistance

Tracking Apps

What if you’re ranging closer to someone already infected with the virus? Or how can you aware people around that you are recovered and ready to share your experiences? Well, tracking apps can help you through! By downloading the app. the user’s location is shared and whenever the person is ranging near a contaminated area of an infected person, there’s an alert to let them get reminded. These applications trace the patient’s movement and urge them to get tested from time to time with the help of quick alerts. Mentioned below are the must-haves for tracking apps-

  • GPS tracking of patient’s location
  • Push notifications informing a person coming in contact with the contaminated area or infected person
  • Constant update of location check of the infection people in the vicinity
  • Option to update health status once a person has recovered

Healthcare Consultation Apps

While regular doctor visits cannot be an option these days, we require to have a remote consultation app which can help you consult doctors through virtual visits and chats to connect. The application will allow a patient to choose the right doctor, appointment date in case of real-time visits, and the preferred time of consultation to limit patients gathering at a single place. A healthcare consultation apps should include the following necessary features-

  • Scheduling consultation with a preferred medical practitioner
  • Virtual consultation options
  • Order medicines and healthcare products
  • Health tracking possibilities, option to set medicine reminders and save previous order prescriptions to maintain a handy medical history
  • Option to book diagnostic tests and sample collection from home, with digital reports to be generated

The Bottom Line

Healthcare standards are taking new heights and we’re required to keep up the pace with technology advancements and convenient options to prioritize health. The entire medical ecosystem is raised up with the advanced technologies in power and the top-notch features backing up the mobile applications, running in sync with the patient’s requirement. If you’re willing to build your mobile app aiding the regular holdbacks in terms of healthcare, drop us a line and will connect you to the right developers for your upcoming mobile app development or choose us as your reliable mobile app development company for complete app development & support. Worrying over the budget? Try our app cost calculator for a ballpark amount for your upcoming app development project.