10 App Ideas for Startups to Launch and Level Up their Game in Market

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September 18, 2020

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Launching an app is a great idea when you are planning to take your business to the next level. An app brings on-the-go experience and hosts several other benefits, including customer loyalty.

However, building the next million-dollar app is not easy. Validating the app concept is the foremost significant factor while creating a successful app. It takes a lot of effort to build a scalable app. So, before you invest, you should be confident about your app idea to avoid any last-minute regrets.

You can hire a top mobile app development company with the best mobile app developers to achieve your goals. The company can guide you throughout the app development process that enables you to reach your results faster. You can also ask for MVP app development to verify the reaction of your target audience. MVP (minimum viable productwill help you make a worthy investment by releasing your app with minimum features.

When it comes to building apps, be akin to a superhero for your startup. You must pick an idea that generates excitement among the target audience to use it to complete their day to day tasks seamlessly.

Now, what would be your starting point? Honestly, there is no particular topic, you need to conceptualize every business idea around topics like 10 useful mobile apps that make life easier or 10 mobile apps that generate high revenue. To ease the process, we have shortlisted a few top 10 innovative mobile app ideas that fuel your startups in 2021.

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List of Novel Mobile App Ideas for your Business in 2021

1. Augmented Reality E-Commerce Apps

Augmented reality is the smart immersive technology that can uplift your business model to deliver a better customer experience. AR and E-commerce is a powerful combination that gives customers a more in-depth shopping experience while boosting sales and increasing conversion rates. AR might seem complicated at first but can become the key to success in the future. Deploying AR in an e-commerce app helps you dominate Google Play or Apple Stores. Top brands like Amazon, IKEA, and eBay are utilizing the capabilities of AR that have led to massive turnovers.

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2. Real Estate Apps

People often feel unsatisfied when they sell or buy properties. To overcome the situation, many real estate companies are switching to custom-built real estate apps that enable them to sell/buy real estate without any risk or uncertainty. Unlike those days when people used to chase brokers to find the right properties, with real estate mobile app development, you can enable your buyers/sellers/ brokers to make successful transactions with a click of a button.

3. FinTech Apps

Fintech is a combination of finance and technology. All the major key players are contributing handsomely to the digitization of banking and financial services. FinTech app development allows financial institutions to offer services that are on-demand, convenient, and are conducted in real-time.  According to Statistica, about $60 billion worth of payments are made from mobile platforms, and it is estimated that by 2021, 90% of the smartphone users will start making payments through their devices.

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4. Loyalty Apps

In recent years, customer loyalty programs are gaining ground in the mobile world. A reliable Android app development company offers innovative loyalty reward apps that eliminate the need to keep membership cards in the wallets. It not only helps users but also helps you collaborating with multiple vendors to offer great deals to your customers, enabling you to expand your audience in a short time.

5. Fitness Apps

Undoubtedly, health and fitness is a hot sector. Big giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft to a wide range of startups are keen to offer their consumers a way to stay in shape and track exercise levels. There are different types of fitness apps ideas, including personal workout out apps, fitness tracking apps, workout schedules, and activity tracking apps. All you need to select the right type of app so that you can resonate with your target audience more. 8fit, the Berlin-based app, and startup is a good example of this trend as it has recently announced that it received a $2.5 million investment round of funding based on an idea ‘take fitness in your own hands’.

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6. Education Apps

Startups should look into investing in mobile apps that create value and resourceful engagements. What’s better than Kids’ educational apps to begin with? Parents find education and learning apps a productive way to engage their kids. By developing an app, you can help kids to improve cognitive skills, enhance vocabulary, and deliver information in a fun and interactive way.

7. Restaurant and Food Delivery Apps

With continuous technological advancements, there is a broad potential of mobile apps for restaurant and food delivery businesses. You can build different types of mobile apps to cater different services. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can develop an app for online slot reservations, digital menu cards, online ordering systems, and much more depending upon your requirements. A mobile app for restaurant business not only improves overall performance but also enables you to go beyond your limitations to beat your competitors.

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8. Healthcare Apps

You must be wondering, is it worthwhile to invest in healthcare mobile applications? Yes, it is! Mobile healthcare applications have become a new communication channel between healthcare experts and patients. Did you know, there are 4.2 million apps that exist in the Play Store and App store, and out of which 165,000 apps are in the healthcare category alone? (Source: Medium). The numbers are increasing with every passing day to empower patients and physicians. Thanks to the healthcare Android app development company, now doctors and nurses have an eco-friendly way to manage patient’s records that remain secure for a lifetime.

9. Grocery Apps

Surveys show that 67% of shoppers prefer ordering their groceries online. With grocery app development, you not only increase its online visibility but also offer great convenience to customers. Features like product listing, smooth navigation, easy search, order tracking can help you enhance your shopper’s grocery buying experience. According to a recent survey by Statista, grocery apps can earn up to $25 billion per year. The market is ever going and is expected to provide earnings of approximately $28 billion by 2023.

10. Sports Apps

Technology is transforming the world of sports for years. Why a sports app? Users spend 50 minutes each day on sports apps, and 70% of the US adults opt for the second screen while watching a sport online. You can build a sports news tracking app, know the live score app, ticket booking apps, and much more.

Few more app ideas for startups to launch in US market

11. Chatbots

Irrespective of the business type, chatbots are becoming the need of the hour. It is becoming extremely crucial for businesses to catch every unique trend to enjoy profits and maintain a successful algorithm for the long term. Hire reliable Chatbot developers to make bots an imperative part of your business. It not only improves customer service management but also boosts branding with less customer effort.

With the proper use of friendly chatbots, you can engage your visitors quickly and easily. It further helps you to convert your traffic into potential customers. Thus, you can save a lot of time and effort by integrating a fully-functional and smart Chatbot solution for your business.

In the competitive world, customers are always on the hunt for customized solutions to satisfy their needs. If you own a business, hiring a top Chatbot development company can help you achieve a thicker customer base while offering quality support and smart solutions to your tedious business problems.


The prime purpose of developing an app is to enhance brand visibility and boost revenue. In our understanding, ideas operate like a chain reaction. One thought triggers another idea, and so on. However, to make it successful, you need unique USPs that can help your app idea stand out in the crowd. And we’ve got you covered.

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