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Clavax Founder talks about Business Model and Value Addition Services

GoodFirms, a US based research company has recently launched results of its latest survey. The company had conducted a survey to study some top companies those provide the best mobile apps development services with respect to cost and time. This survey was conducted among 50 leading app development companies worldwide among which Clavax Technologies LLC secured a remarkable place.

GoodFirms also held an interview with Deepak Tomar, CTO of Clavax Technologies and asked him about the various steps involved in developing a successful and bug free mobile app and website. To their questions regarding time taken and cost involved in developing the app and website, Deepak Tomar started by saying,

Time and cost estimations are totally dependent on nature of the App and client’s business requirements. In complex apps, it may take 8-10 weeks whereas the lesser complex ones take around 6-8 weeks to complete.” Further, he added, “Moreover, it may vary slightly based upon nature of designing, API’s, Frontend and backend development factors.

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