Customer Loyalty Trends to Look Out for in 2016

June 2, 2016

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Have you ever noticed a common factor that every successful business share? Yes, it is nothing other than loyal and repeat customers. They are the ones that play an important role in advocating your brand to others. In 21st century, customer loyalty is the new driver of market landscape. Hence, it is mandatory to provide great customer experiences, beyond various channels, 24/7.

Here we have listed out the hottest customer loyalty trends for this year. Come, let’s take a look:


Rewarding Actions, Not Just Purchases

Providing incentives on extra purchases is the thing of the past now. Now organizations are discovering new ways to provide loyalty points and engage customers. One of such brands is Wall Greens. The company has come up with innovative ways such as rewarding healthy choices and actions. For instance, rewarding points for quitting smoking and participating in health-related activities with their fitness brand.

Social Media Engagement

With the availability of a 24/7 access to the favorite brands on the online platforms, you have the chance to tap into this opportunity at numerous level of communications. This would not only help in making the delivered brand message more powerful, but it would also enable you to achieve success in the digital universe.

Going All Mobile

According to Nielson, 33% consumers utilize their smartphones when it comes to signing up for a rewards program after completing their purchase. Keeping this in mind, it is not all about just being mobile-friendly when attracting and maintaining customers, but being able to utilize it in a smarter way. Here what is required is a program that specializes in integrating technology into its plan. For instance, you can initiate a point-of-scale system into your app. The main idea behind this is that your loyalty program should keep itself updated with the times, else it would get difficult for you to stay competitive. That’s why we say 2016 is your year to take the “mobile way” when working on the loyalty programs for customers.

So now when you have an idea of the hot trends in customer loyalty, go and make the best out of it and take your business to whole new level.


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