Rise of Fitness Apps & Winning Strategies behind Top Ones

August 6, 2020

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The outbreak of coronavirus has impacted the lives of almost everyone all over the world. As we are aware that pandemic has got everyone confined to their houses with restrictions in physical meetings to curb the virus spread, many are under psychological distress due to self-isolation & home quarantine. This lockdown has led to an increased concern on both mental and physical health. Talking about the business world, almost every business has been impacted by the shutdown for an unforeseen time. Though many industries like tourism, manufacturing, real estate, sports, etc. are witnessing their hardest times, there has been a tremendous rise in mobile app development enabling businesses to grow and even thrive during such hard times.

As a strong healthcare domain is the backbone of an economy, every fitness app development company must be aware of the best strategies to build the apps that can help in educating and saving the lives of people. Leveraging digital platforms is one of the best ways to be available for your customers virtually and fulfill their needs without breaking the rules of social distancing. In this blog, we will learn about the top possible ways behind the development of successful fitness apps.

Top Ways to Make Your Fitness App a Success in 2020

Whether you need a fitness app or medicine delivery apps, on-demand healthcare apps are increasing as they help people cope up with the stress associated with their physical and mental health. There are so many apps available in the play stores today but only a few of them are successful. Here are some of the winning strategies that these top apps follow-

  • Build a Virtual Community with App

It would be true to say that humans are social animals and it is important to have a certain level of interaction for good mental health. The main motive of your healthcare app should be to build a community with an app where every individual gets a sense of belonging, which is very necessary during the times of self-isolation. This will help in giving a push to follow their workout routines & make the best use of your app ensuring regular activity & increase in user base.

  • Connected Fitness Support to Boost Competition

Talking about the healthy competition, building your app with leaderboard support will help in keeping users focused and go the extra mile to reach the desired level. The concept of connected fitness enables users to check out how their peers or friends are performing, which in turn motivate them to put more physical efforts. Another best thing is to provide social media integration with fitness apps that help users to show-off their workout motivating others to try your app. If you are wondering how much will it cost to build an app with connected fitness, find out easily using our accurate and easy-to-use app cost calculator.

  • User Experience is still a priority

Nothing beats the great user experience and it is one of the main aspects to ensure that your users stay engaged to your app. Though experience is important, you must also ensure that data security or quality of the app is not impacted and the app is free from bugs. Another feature is the functionality where users can customize their app interface and workout plans according to their body needs and preferences. Give personalized experiences to the user even without the need of a personal trainer.

  • Smart Notifications & Reminders

With the technological advances in wearable such as Fit bit, Apple Watch, etc. users can integrate the app that helps in keeping track of any activity whether it’s a walk, run, or any workout. You must build the app with the feature that will notify users if they want to record the workout because without recording, users may feel demotivated. With smart reminders for workout through the app, your users will get more personalized experiences.

Wrapping Up

Dealing with something that nobody has dealt with before is what lockdown is to people across the globe, which is undoubtedly taxing on one’s mental and physical health. With almost half the year living in the pandemic, people are being stuck at home with lesser physical activity. Make sure that you go through the points stated above to build the fitness apps that are successful in helping users cope with stress and focus on mental health. Clavax, renowned as one of the leading companies has robust technical expertise in Healthcare Mobile App DevelopmentWhether you are a startup or high scale enterprise, our developers have built a wide range of apps including health, fitness, workout, appointment booking & many more for both iOS and Android platforms. Get in touch with us if you want to make your healthcare business grow with a custom mobile app during the storm of COVID-19 disruption.


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