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What is the Future Scope of Technology in Education Sector (& Leading Trends Behind the Innovation)

We are at the brink of digital transformation that defines the future of the whole generation. Hence, with the need for an hour, we need to embrace ourselves with the latest technology trends and automation. Technology acts as a powerful catalyst to revolutionize the education model according to the needs and demands of intuitions, teachers, and learners.    
A Recent Outlook on EdTech Growth 

  1. There was $1.7 billion invested by venture capital funds into the EdTech market in 2019 across 105 deals. (Source: EdSurge)

  2. Delivering educational benefits through EdTech is an ever-growing priority for all, up to 22.1% from 9.1%. (Source: Business Insider)

  3. Almost 40% of CEOs understand EdTech’s impact thus want to use the technology to enhance collaboration, streamline administrative workflows, quick assessments, and much more. (Source: Statistica) 

  4. Over 89.6% of educators admit tech is an effective way to engage students in the classroom. (Source: GMC Internal Survey)

There is an exceptional future for EdTech in the future ahead. Educational apps are becoming a renowned asset not only for learners but also for educational institutions. Learning apps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that give the flexibility to operate anytime and anywhere. Let’s understand why investing in education app development is an excellent idea.

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  1. Optimum Utilization of Leisure Hours

E-learning apps are the best way to utilize children’s time and boost growth. Children can learn new things in their leisure time using a mobile application. Moreover, it gives them a better access to learning material that eliminates the need of carrying books wherever they go.

  1. Improved Teacher-Parent Communication

The main aim of integrating technology in education is to remove the glitches that we face in the current education system. One of the most significant issues, resolved by the apps is the interaction between teachers and parents. A mobile application helps teachers to answer queries and keep parents informed about every change in the schedule, event, or announcement, seamlessly.

  1. Enhance Visualization and Improve Interactivity

Gathering full attention in the classroom is a tedious task. By incorporating the technology into their learning routine, students can learn valuable skills while playing. Animated objects help them to understand abstract concepts swiftly and quickly.  Moreover, including feature like live polls, quizzes, and surveys in between their study material encourage them to answer more promptly and confidently during their exams.  

  1. Measuring Success and Automating Grading System

No two students are alike. Thus, performance measurement and target-setting are critical to the growth process. Leveraging the capabilities of big data & analytics, teachers can access more specific and extensive insights into the progress of every student. Teachers are now able to retrieve real-time data on student’s performance, enabling them to understand which student requires extra attention and which is ready to move onto the next step.

Leading EdTech Trends to Watch in 2020

Emerging technologies in education aim to revolutionize and upgrade the learning process for students. To give you better insights on the latest trends, let’s take a closer look at each one in detail.

  1. Augmented/ Virtual Reality

The education system needs to adopt new technologies to stay relevant in the ever-changing world. Through augmented reality, educators can improve learning outcomes by delivering immersive user experiences. Integrating the technology into your app, you can develop problem-solving techniques, enhance collaboration, and create a better future for students. Using the features, users can create an interactive virtual environment for students that help them to understand complex problems with ease. It maximizes students’ imagination power which leads to faster acquisition of information and skills.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

From kindergarten to graduate school, artificial intelligence has an enormous impact on the education sector. AI-powered education helps students to enhance their fundamental skills. Today, a comprehensive range of courses is available online which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, it plays an essential role in expediting administrative duties for teachers and academic institutions.

  1. Gamification

Gamification is a smart approach to motivate students by using game elements in the learning environment. The aim is to maximize engagement by capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to learn new things effortlessly. The methods include points, leader boards, direct competition, badges, etc. that increases participation, engagement, and loyalty among the learners. Regardless of audience or subject matter, infusing gamification in your app can act as wonders in creating exciting, educational, and entertaining content.

How Much an Education App Development Cost?

Developing a basic app for elementary kids can cost you around $5000 to $15000. However, the cost doubles with the implementation of extensive functionality and it may increase up to $25000. The degree of complexity defines the development hours required to implement features that ultimately affect the overall cost of the education app development. You can hire experienced education app development company that help you build an intuitive app that generates remarkable results in a shorter time.

How Clavax can help you integrate the best of technology into an existing Software or building custom education software from scratch?

Clavax is a top mobile app development company USA that has a dedicated team of developers that bring the best possible outcomes for your business. Holding a strong portfolio in the education sector, our mobile app developers have helped entrepreneurs to overcome the hidden challenges of the education marketplace, get a bigger slice of market revenue, and win the hearts of the target audience. Connect with app development experts and get your project started right away.

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