Why Choose React Native as Your Next App Development Framework – Features & Benefits

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July 21, 2022

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Living in the smart digital era, we cannot deny the growing demand for mobile apps & their roles in simplifying our lives. From grocery shopping to flight booking, we rely on apps to access any sort of service.
Thanks to technological innovations and development frameworks that came into existence and help developers to build customized and robust mobile apps at lower costs.
If you are a business owner with a plan to build a mobile presence, you can make use of React Native Mobile Application Development Services to work with a framework that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
Let’s find out more about React Native and what makes it an ideal framework for building business mobile apps.

React Native & Its Significance

Launched in 2015 by Facebook, React Native is a well-known open source framework for developing a wide range of natively-rendered mobile apps simultaneously for iOS and Android apps.
One can use JavaScript to develop cross-platform mobile apps with native capabilities, which makes React Native one of the most preferred frameworks for app development.
Most business owners face problems when choosing the desired language for the development of their business web or mobile apps. For choosing the right framework, it is important to analyze some of the key factors like market demands, strategy, budget, etc.
React Native can be a suitable option because of its immense benefits such as rapid development, lower cost, cross-platform support, and economic development approach.
While choosing a language for your app development, you must always consider the importance of scalability and connectivity with other languages, which is what exactly React Native offers.
If you are still not convinced why startups, as well as big brands, are choosing React Native for their business development needs, we will find out every answer in the next section.

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Benefits of Using React Native for App Development

As we are aware that React Native is quite popular among developers who are working for startups, but it is also a preferred choice for the development of apps exclusively for big organizations.
The best thing about this framework is that it offers cross-platform native apps, which offer the benefits of both hybrid apps as well as native apps together.
Here are some of the top reasons why you must choose React Native framework for your next app development project before you hire a React Native App Development Company

  • Bigger Savings with Lower Development Costs

One of the main aspects of using React Native is that it enables business owners to save money, which is eventually the prime factor for every business owner, especially for startups.
If you are looking for a high-quality app at a lower cost, React Native is the one as it allows developers to write code on both platforms saving time, thereby reducing efforts & costs.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers today have no time for bad user experience, which is why React Native apps are the best option when it comes to the delivery of consistent experience across several platforms.
Whether you need an efficient loading speed, a hassle-free experience, or mobile responsiveness on any device, React Native apps offer it all. Your customers won’t be disappointed using React Native App for your business.

  • Quick Development Method

App developers of React Native can help in developing apps faster as compared to other programming languages, which is very helpful for startups & enterprises that are looking for a quick development solution.
As your app is launched early, business owners get enough time to promote their apps & add any features to meet evolving customer demands.

  • Build Native Apps for iOS & Android

Another important aspect is the support of cross-platform that comes with React Native i.e. we can build native apps for both platforms- iOS and Android. Even a beginner can build React Native apps easily by taking the help of a huge community of developers.
With its potential to work seamlessly on both platforms, businesses can reach a larger customer base.

  • Keep Track of Real-Time Changes

Even after a thorough understanding of the requirements from the client, developers often miss one thing or another, which is why timely update during the development process is required.
To make any amendments while using React Native framework, developers find it easy to discuss with clients & keep track of the changes in real-time.

  • Reusable Native Components

One of the major benefits of using React Native is the reusable code, which means, a single update can be done for both platforms easily.
This does not simplify the bug-detecting capability in the codebase that enables app developers to easily understand the code & increase the flexibility of the team.

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Reasons for Not Choosing Hybrid Mobile Apps

Though hybrid app development offers several positive points, it also has some weaknesses. When we compare it with React Native, we cannot ignore some of the facts associated with it. Some are them are stated below-

  • Decrease in Performance as compared to React Native
  • Tedious & Complicated Debugging Process
  • Tough & Time-Taking to Add New App Features
Key Takeaways

Hopefully, you must have got an idea that for developing apps in a shorter time with reduced costs, React Native is a good choice. Especially, if your business is in the initial stage, the only thing that matters the most is the growth, which is why getting a reliable solution is a must without hampering your budget.
Clavax is known for having a bunch of top react native developers in US that hold a decade of expertise in delivering different apps built in React Native framework and has helped several clients across the world to achieve maximum benefits.
If you are planning to turn your ideas into an effective mobile app using a reliable cross-platform development approach, get in touch with our experts to embrace the benefits of React Native and reduce the cost drastically.

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